10 Celebrities Who Are Probably Vampires

  • Tilda Swinton

  • Angelina Jolie

  • Bianca Lawson

  • Jared Leto

  • Dakota Fanning

  • Nicolas Cage

  • Gwen Stefani

  • Pharrell

  • Queen Elizabeth

  • Oprah

Money can buy you plastic surgery, but it can’t buy you eternal youth. It can wield power, but it can’t buy you the wisdom to handle that power. There has to be more than that, a supernatural force this world hasn’t quite grasped: vampirism.

Hear us out. It sounds insane, but after reading about these 10 celebrities who are (probably) vampires, you’ll be a believer, too. Besides, how else would you explain Tilda Swinton?

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

Tara Aquino is an entertainment writer based out of L.A. She likes people, places, and things.