Will Amber Rose Replace Kelly Osbourne on ‘Fashion Police’?

Last week, Giuliana Rancic called out Zendaya’s dreadlocks on Fashion Police, saying they looked like they smelled of “weed.” Chaos immediately ensued, and co-host Kelly Osbourne has since quit the show. So who’s in the running to replace her?

The Gossip Table reports that NeNe Leakes, Chrissy Teigen, and — wait for it — Amber Rose are being eyed to fill the show veteran’s spot. It’s fantastic that the network is looking to diversify the cast, but are producers going overboard by considering such wild cards (especially Rose)? All ladies would be extremely entertaining, but it seems like the show is going extra lengths to get disinterested fans back on board with unpredictable personalities who make headlines themselves, and are capable of turning everything upside down.

Does anyone smell desperation? Or is this a smart move?

Word on the street is that Melissa Rivers may also be stepping down as executive producer. There have also been rumors that the show might be canceled, and Rancic’s fate remains unclear. TGT has more.

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