Who Is The Hottest ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Side Boy Of All-Time?

It’s almost scary how sexy everyone in the fictional Pretty Little Liars town of Rosewood is. Even more terrifying is how many times Aria, Spencer, and Hanna reject ridiculously hot (and age appropriate) men in favor of totally normal suitors like high school English teachers and emotionally brooding cops. What the hell, girls?

Seriously, the side boy game on PLL is strong. And by strong, we mean full of bulging biceps, six-pack abs, and grins that can make someone pregnant. However, don’t expect the main Liars to give these guys more than a smidgen of attention. Honestly, this is more criminal than the time Aria fucking killed someone. (Which hasn’t been mentioned in months because that’s Rosewood for you.)

Well fear not, side boys, because we’re going to give you the proper fangirling you deserve. We dug deep into the PLL character catalog and ranked the 16 boys who expressed interest in the Liars, only to be tossed aside five seconds later in favor of Ezra Fitz and his creepy stalker book. It’s about to get sweaty.

16. Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson)

Poor Lucas. His love for Hanna was never fully reciprocated. (TBH, we don’t blame her after Lucas crept into her hospital room in season one and kissed her on the forehead.) Even still, he’s a total cutie with great hair.

15. Holden Strauss (Shane Coffey)

Holden pretended to date Aria for a few episodes so he could keep doing martial arts without his parents finding out. It was a weird time for everyone, but at least we got to stare at Holden’s kissable lips and perfectly shaped eyebrows.

14. Ben Coogan (Steven Krueger)

This champion douche was Emily’s boyfriend before she came out of the closet. He aggressively pursued Emily after he started feeling threatened by her new friend, Maya. He sucks on every possible level, but we suppose he’s pretty attractive.

13. Wesley Fitzgerald (Gregg Sulkin)

Ezra’s preppy little brother shared a secret awkward kiss with Aria in season three, but that’s about it. However, we did learn sexiness obviously runs in the Fitz family. Plus, Wesley ’s fashion is ridiculously on point.

12. Detective Gabriel Holbrook (Sean Faris)

He’s kissed both Hanna and Alison, which is why he makes our list. We’re thrown off by his age (PLL Wiki puts him at 26) — remember: these girls are still in high school — but we do think Holbrook has that dark smoldering thing going on.

11. Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman)

Remember this (now dead) psycho who was more than likely A’s BFF? He was Melissa’s husband, but also had creepy flings with Spencer and Alison. However, he is easy on the eyes. We give him that much.

PLL’s Shay Mitchell talks about her enviable Instagram account on Big Morning Buzz Live.

10. Alex Santiago (Diego Boneta)

We could go swimming in Alex’s chin dimple. In fact, Spencer actually did in season one — albeit for two minutes. Their affair got cut short after Spencer found out Alex (who works at the Rosewood Country Club) made fun of the elitist golfers he waited on. Including her. Yes, it was a dick move, but his gorgeous face makes up for it.

9. Sean Ackard (Chuck Hittinger)

Ahhh, Hanna’s pre-Caleb boy-toy. He has that All-American blonde charm, but apparently didn’t want to do the deed with Hanna because of his religious beliefs. After the two parted ways, Sean went after Paige (not knowing she’s a lesbian). We’d kill for Sean and his boy band swag to make a comeback.

8. Travis Hobbs (Luke Kleintank)

Travis was a total paint-by-numbers rebound for Hanna after her break-up with Caleb; however, he was perfect and had a total protector vibe. The two had a hot make-out session on a pool table in season four, but their relationship unfortunately ended a few episodes later. It’s a shame, given his angel-carved jawline.

7. Lyndon James (Sterling Sulieman)

Emily kissed Lyndon (who she believed was Maya’s cousin) because she was still grieving Maya’s death. Turns out, he was the crazy stalker who killed Maya and not related to her at all. Another prime example of a cuckoo-bananas (but totally beautiful) side boy.

6. Jason DiLaurentis (Drew Van Acker)

Jason kissed Aria in season two, which gives him side boy status even though he’s a recurring character. He also had a fling with Hanna’s mom this season, which was only a tad strange. We’ll excuse any of Jason’s unusual behavior because of his practically Photoshopped face and body.

5. Andrew Campbell (Brandon W. Jones)

YES, MA’AM! Andrew is Aria’s current in-between-Ezra guy, and he’s everything: smart, protective, considerate, cultured, and hot as hell. He also had a crush on Spencer in season four, but it wasn’t requited. What is wrong with you girls?! Look at his arms! His dopey (but surprisingly delicious) face! His broad shoulders that we’d climb in a heartbeat! Andrew is perhaps the most under-appreciated side boy in PLL history. In fact, he’s hotter than Caleb. There — we said it.

4. Noel Kahn (Brant Daugherty)

Noel is beautiful, even though he’s scary AF. He had flings with Aria, Jenna, and Mona, so homeboy’s certainly gotten around. His deep blue eyes are all kinds of intriguing (in a creepy-sexy kind of way).

3. Jake the Martial Arts Guy (Ryan Guzman)

Another hunky specimen Aria dumped the second Ezra came knocking. Jake (no last name, because #mystery) taught Aria self-defense techniques in season four, and his biceps eventually won her over. The two even attended a hoedown together, which was both random and iconic. Of course, Aria cheated on Jake with Ezra and eventually dumped him, but we’ll always remember his hot-guy smirk fondly. (Fun fact: Jake is played by Ryan Guzman, who starred alongside Jennifer Lopez in January’s The Boy Next Door.)

2. Wren Kingston (Julian Morris)

This beautiful Brit was Melissa’s fiancé, but also managed to sneak in a few smooches with Spencer and Hanna. And we don’t blame them: Wren could charm the pants off anything with a pulse. Who cares if he may or may not be a treacherous henchman? Just keep smiling for us, bb!

1. Mike Montgomery (Cody Allen Christian)

HOLY. SHIT. When did Aria’s kid brother become the hottest side boy of all time? (He achieves that status for the brief fling he had with Hanna during her heftier days.) Probably around the time he opened up his bedroom door in season five looking sweaty, ripped, and oozing pure sex. Mike may be the current top suspect in the never-ending, “Who is A?” debate, but we could care less as long as we can watch him lift weights. More, please.

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