Who’s Getting Some This Week on ‘House of Cards,’ ‘The Following,’ and ‘The Slap’?

Nothing will stand in the way of your BFF catching you up on the sexiest, steamiest TV moments from the past week. Slip into something a little more comfortable and watch.

On season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) and her husband Frank don’t let a little crying get in the way of their sex life. Uma Thurman robs the cradle with Penn Badgley on NBC’s The Slap, while on Fox’s The Following, a young couple and a high-end escort get an unexpected guest mid-threesome. Finally, on Showtime’s House of Lies, a computer coder makes a deep connection with her boss. We mean deep.

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Laura Grey (Your BFF) is an actor and improvisor at the UCB Theatre in NYC. Most recently, she starred opposite her idol Amy Sedaris in Seriously Distracted and debuted her series “Faeries” on the IFC Comedy Crib.

Twitter: @lauragreymatter