Jim Rash and Danny Pudi Want a ‘Community’ Movie with A Lot of Paintball

Community has been resurrected from the dead for season six by Yahoo!, which means its goal of #sixseasonsandamovie is thisclose to actually happening. At the sitcom’s press day, cast members Jim Rash, Danny Pudi, and Gillian Jacobs all gave their thoughts on what that feature film should look like.

Pudi, who plays the show’s resident pop culture junkie, and Rash, famous for his role as the inept Dean Pelton, both called for a paintball episode (which made its debut in season one’s “Modern Warfare,” and had two season-two sequels, “A Fistful of Paintballs” and “For a Few Paintballs More”) blown to epic proportions. “[Paintball] is the biggest thing we’ve done and it has the most movie ‘stuff,’” said Rash. “If that day comes, and we’re at a place where we want to cap off the whole thing, it would be good to put that on grand scale.”

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Dan [Harmon] said we would need a Pirates of the Caribbean-type budget, which really excites me. I always love when we do paintball and we burst through the walls of Greendale,” added Pudi. “It would be fun if we could get some of the people back who were [in the show] earlier. And [I’m] hoping Justin Lin’s gonna direct it.”

As for Jacobs, who plays Greendale’s beloved basketcase, Britta, she had another idea in mind. “Maybe a space spectacular? Whatever Dan [Harmon] wants to do,” said Jacobs. “I just don’t want to shoot on a stage all the time. Don’t make the movie for two dollars. Give us enough money that we can actually go places.”

Speaking of Britta, all three cast members concurred that she would have the biggest arc this season. “Britta’s arc this year is incredible. A lot of it has to do with her moving in with [Annie and Abed], we get to meet her parents this year. It informs our characters’ perspective on Britta and acceptance of her…She definitely Brittas some stuff.” Added Jacobs, “You find out why she is the way she is.”

But don’t expect the show to honor your OTPs. The trio made it clear that this year was about the entire group moving forward as a whole, and figuring out its new dynamic, now that two new people (Keith David and Paget Brewster) have joined the study group in lieu of Troy (Donald Glover), Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown), and Pierce (Chevy Chase), who’ve all left the series.

“I understand shipping [couples], I understand the power of it, I understand how essential that is to people and that’s the way they view things is through that lens, but that’s not really what this show is about,” said Jacobs. “It’s really about a family of people. I’m happy to move away from that. I don’t think that that has ever been what Community is about at its core.”

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“On top of that, there’s a lot of nice all-on-board character stories,” said Rash. “We allow convicts to start coming to school, which is a bad idea. There is one movie within a movie type of thing set in space.”

While the group played coy about any meaty spoilers, Jacobs joked around about a potential cameo. “Joe Biden. We’re just like Parks and Rec,” said Jacobs. “He got lost trying to go to Parks and Rec and he wandered into the basement. They were shooting above us. It was Dan’s joke that we’d been metaphorically underneath them for years but now we were literally beneath them.”

Community season six premieres on Yahoo! on March 17.

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