Will Forte’s Best Characters On Earth

With the premiere of Will Forte’s new show Last Man on Earth debuting to surprisingly good numbers, we are once again blessed with this comedic force in our lives. Let’s look back at some of his best characters on Saturday Night Live and beyond.

Tim Calhoun, SNL

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With a weak voice and strong opinions on very particular and interesting things, Tim Calhoun isn’t the political hero we deserve, and he’s definitely not the one we need either. Though even we can get behind his “I miss dinosaurs; let’s do something about that” campaign.

Paul L’astnamé, 30 Rock

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Jenna Maroney would be a difficult person to date. And that’s why the only man worthy of her was a man who made it his life to be her — a drag impersonation version of her, at least. Paul and Jenna’s relationship was unconventional, but their love was real and we were sold on all of it. We’re happy Jenna found her gender dysmorphic bi-genitalian pan-sexuale.

The Falconer, SNL

The story of The Falconer was basically Don Draper gives it all up and goes Grizzly Adams. And we wish it too had run for seven glorious years.

Ted Turner, Conan

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