The New ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Trailer Reminds Us of Why We Fell in Love with the Show in the First Place
Before Keeping Up With the Kardashians became a show mostly centered around Kim’s selfies and Scott Disick’s partying, it was about a crazy-ass family who was real about their issues, literally dragging each other around the floor if need be. After 10 seasons, it finally looks like they’re returning to square one.

In the trailer, we see tension between Kim and another sister (who’s unknown as of now), Kris and Kourtney, and the Jenners and Kardashian clans altogether. This is what we loved watching in the first place.

Here’s the original season 1 trailer from 2007.

Seems like things are coming full circle, huh? Granted, the theme of this season isn’t as happy happy joy joy as the original, but we’re happy to see them regain their swag. They were the original DGAF family, and this trailer proves that throughout it all, they still are. We think we’ll watch.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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