Who’s Hotter: Naked Mark-Paul Gosselaar or the Vitruvian Man?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar may have already won a fitness competition, but we have a new challenge in store for the Saved by the Bell alum.

Last month, Gosselaar posted this photo flaunting his hot bod while training for the competition.

It may make you feel things at first, but we can’t help comparing him to the original, naked, sprawled out guy: The Vitruvian Man.

The only way to determine who is hotter is to break it down in the following categories.

1. Smile

V-man is pissed as shit, and MPG’s little smirk is quite seductive.

Winner = MPG

2. Muscles

Mark-Paul’s got it going on, but the Vitruvian Man embodies chiseled perfection. Arms, legs, abs, pecs. Yes.

Winner = Vitruvian Man

3. Hair

The long, beautiful, flowing locks of TVM’s are enough to get lost in.

Winner = Vitruvian Man

4. Style

Vitruvian Man doesn’t give us much to work with, so we learned to become quite fond of MPG’s black sneakers and socks.

Winner = MPG

5. Penis size

Well, we can’t see Mark-Paul’s, so…

Winner = Vitruvian Man

There you have it, the Vitruvian Man is hotter. A 1490 babe, indeed.

Watch MPG’s TV principal give high school superlatives to his Saved by the Bell students.

[Photo Credit: Getty/@MPG]

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