Tyson Beckford’s New Workout Device Is More Awkward than the Shake Weight

For the price of $99.95, you can get a great work out and look like you’re giving not one, but two handjobs while doing so. And it’s all thanks to Tyson Beckford’s Beckford Bar.

The “take anywhere device” that promises to help work your back, abs, biceps, and more brought us right down memory lane to this wonderful hot mess.

The Shake Weight. A workout accessory invented circa 2010 by some fitness s.o.b. with a sick sense of humor. Watching people use the Shake Weight is entertaining and all, but the Beckford Bar demonstration is even better. Like we said, two handjobs at once and a full-body motion that makes it look like you’re having sex at the same time.


See what happened when Beckford surprised one of our very own VH1 employees.

[Photo Credit: TysonCBeckford/imgur]

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