The Cast of ‘Outlander’ Talk Which Historical Figure They’d Go Back in Time to Hook-up With

Sam HeughanCaitriona Balfe, and Tobias Menzies all walked the red carpet at last night’s PaleyFest presentation of Starz’s period epic Outlander, where we asked them the tough question: which historical figure’s bones would you jump?

First up was Tobias Menzies, better known as Blackjack Randall/Frank Randall, who didn’t even think twice before saying Marilyn Monroe. “She seems like the most gorgeous, sex kitten-ish, bundle of joy,” said Menzies.

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As for Balfe, she set her sights on a classic, rugged American actor. “Paul Newman because he’s Paul Newman,” said Balfe. “Cool Hand Luke? Come on.”

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But it’s Heughan, a.k.a. the love of every Outlander fan’s life Jamie Fraser, who took it the furthest back. “Cleopatra, wasn’t she supposed to be amazing?” said Heughan. “She bathed in milk and was really powerful. It probably wouldn’t last long, though. She’d probably have me killed.”

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Moderated by E!’s Kristin Dos Santos, the three principals were joined on the panel by producer Ronald Moore and the book series’ author Diana Gabaldon. All five were treated to a glass of Outlander whisky for a game of Never Have I Ever. Dos Santos kept the questions light and on target, asking things like whether they’d giggle during sex scenes, to which all of them took a swig.

The moderator continued playing around with the cast for a few rounds of the Newlywed Game to reveal just how close Balfe and Heughan have gotten through the course of filming. While the answers regularly matched up, the last question–“Which was your favorite scene you shot together?”–divided the pair. As Balfe wrote “the boat” scene, the now-tipsy Heughan played it sweet, noting, “All of them.”

For one last kicker, Heughan and Menzies teased Balfe through a game of “Kill, Marry, Screw.” Her answers? Kill Father Bain, screw Jamie, and marry Frank.

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The night ended with the best audience question ever. To paraphrase, a woman asked if Ron Moore purposely had a woman [Anna Foerster] write and direct “The Wedding.” Moore said yes, and added, “Ironically when you do something truthful, it becomes a woman’s point of view.” Then a crowd member shouted out, “Did she get paid as much as the men?” Although the question remained unanswered, the audience erupted in applause.

Which essentially explains the dynamic of the entire event. For those of you don’t watch Outlander yet, make sure to catch up with season one to continue with the second half, which begins April 4. If not for its good-looking cast and crew, then do it to for the impeccable chemistry they clearly share both on and off screen.

We asked the cast more crucial questions in the video below. Namely, would they rather give up sex or whiskey?

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