Kathy Griffin Just Threw Giuliana Rancic Under the Fastest-Moving Bus on Earth

Ummm, Kathy Griffin. Did you just go there? The newest Fashion Police host finally spoke out on Giuliana Rancic’s joke about Zendaya’s dreadlocks in the Chicago Sun Times’ Splash magazine. While Griffin acknowledged that the joke was scripted, she totally criticized Rancic for going through with it (because this season hasn’t been awkward enough already).

“I wouldn’t have said that joke in the first place. Some dude wrote it for her,” Griffin said, before she gave some words of advice to Rancic. “Don’t have anyone write you jokes or even suggest jokes for you on Fashion Police. [She has] enough great insider gossip from actually being on the red carpet. That’s what fans want to hear the next day. Just talk and be yourself.”

So many daggers. Where does Griffin get off thinking she can throw them, though?

Rancic has been the face of the network for nine years, while Griffin only recently joined the E! family. Not to mention, audiences aren’t exactly thrilled with her contributions to the show. And what kind of morale does this help build for the show and its crew? I mean, seriously.

Griffin also went on to comment on Kelly Osbourne’s departure. “Sometimes she seemed very upset at the merely seven tapings of Fashion Police we did together,” she said. “I can tell you this: I adore that family… Kelly came to my house a couple of times when Joan [Rivers] was in the hospital and we were consoling each other. I can tell you there was genuine love there.”

That’s nice, but it still doesn’t make up for the fact that you failed to give your other co-host, who is STILL your colleague, any support whatsoever. Not OK.

UPDATE, 3/13/14

Kathy Griffin took to Twitter to announce she’s leaving the show after just seven episodes, prompting a supportive response from Kelly Osbourne.

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