‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Star Finn Wittrock Has Some Advice for Lady Gaga

If you’re an American Horror Story fan, you’ll never forget Finn Wittrock. As Dandy, the overgrown sociopath of Freak Show, Wittrock was the cause of the anthology series’ biggest blood bath to date. Now, he’s got some tips for Ryan Murphy’s newest recruit, Lady Gaga, on how to survive shooting AHS: Hotel.

“Get some sleep, because you won’t be getting any once you get on set. It’s pretty crazy,” said Wittrock at the show’s PaleyFest red carpet Sunday night. “Every character is different. Research has to meet imagination. Dandy was me tapping into my own inner child, and your inner child can actually be not just an innocent, peaceful thing. There’s a wild ego in there that’s in all of us. Dig into that part of yourself and let it roll.”

Wittrock explained how Mother Monster fits the show’s aesthetic perfectly: “You think about what Lady Gaga has done, Ryan and her are both so theatrical and chameleons in everything they do and have a kind of noir sensibility anyway, so it makes a lot of sense.”

On whether or not he’s going to work with her yet, the actor admitted that he didn’t know yet. One actor who could be returning, however, is Denis O’Hare. When asked if he’d be joining the cast next season, O’Hare said with a smile, “I don’t know for sure, but I have a pretty good idea.”

The AHS vet, who played Stanley the con artist on Freak Show, also had some wise words for Gaga. “Expect everything. You can’t plan ahead. The characters are always real, and even though our circumstances are bizarre, we still have to be real characters and we have to think about why things are happening,” he said. “And you’re in extreme situations. When I was being chased last year by all the freaks so they could turn me into a chicken, I have to find the real horror behind that. It helped that we were doing it in the mud at three in the morning in a swamp where there was a real alligator. It challenges you as an actor on every level.”

Basically, the takeaway is: Prepare to be completely unprepared. AHS is as insane as you imagine it to be.

[Photo Credit: FX]

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