Photos of Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Their Baby Girl Make #LifeGoals Real

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were spotted for the first time in public with their baby girl Esmeralda. Although we barely see any of the baby, this perfect family makes us reevaluate our own lives a bit.

These photos of the trio — stepping out for Eva’s birthday — force us to make new life goals for ourselves. Here’s why.

1. Eva’s fierce outfit.
Who could pull off a green coat with printed jumpsuit, honestly?

2. Ryan’s daddy gear.
The way it’s slung over his shoulders proves his greatness as a man, dad, human — everything.

3. The party.
Did we mention Ryan threw a 41st birthday party for his GF at a roller rink? Retro chic.

4. The blanket.
Love how they use a sports-themed blanket for their daughter because ANTI-SEXISM.

5. They’re not fame whores.
No Kimye here. Posing for the paps isn’t their thing. So glad we don’t have to with our S.O.s either…

[Photo Credit: @dailymailceleb]

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