20 Questions We Need Answered on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Season 10

Keeping up with the Kardashian-Jenner family has become a complete and utter shitshow these days. Between Bruce’s alleged sex change, the incestual Kylie-Tyga-Amber RoseFrench MontanaBlac Chyna-Khloe web of love and hate, Kris’ younger man, and Kim’s new bleach obsession, this series is now more like an episode of Lost (and we refuse to play that guessing game again).

While most of the family recently signed a fat deal for four more seasons, the upcoming installment will be Bruce’s last. If E! doesn’t answer these burning questions in the show’s 10th season, premiering Sunday night, there will be hell to pay. Here’s what keeps us up at night:

1. What is going on with Bruce?
Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first.

2. Will Bruce’s sons Brandon and Brody make an appearance?
Brody didn’t attend the Kimye wedding (because of a “DJ gig”), and now that Kris and Bruce’s divorce is final, are he and Brandon spending time with their ex-stepfamily? How are they dealing with Bruce’s change (if it’s happening)?

3. Are Kylie and Kim actually be jealous about Kendall’s modeling career?
She’s like really pretty.

4. Will the sisters be funny again?
And by funny, we mean funny to watch as they physically throw each other around. What? Everything became so serious in the last few seasons and we miss the old days.

5. Sorry, back to Brandon: Will he and Leah continue to be cute together?
To remind us that normal people do exist in that fam.

6. What’s the deal with Khloe and French?
Is she into it or nah? Their matching robes in season 9 didn’t have us convinced.

7. Can we see Scott Disick be cute with his kids?
It needs to happen.

8. On that note, will Scott cut his partying?
Based on his track record, we’d say no. We’d like to see him try, though, because we’ll rip our ears off if we have to hear Kourtney fight about it one more time.

9. Will Kris’ alleged, much younger beau Cory Gamble make a cameo?
We’re not even sure if they’re still an item these days, tbh.

10. Tyga?????
That is all.

11. Will Kim’s face move?
It’s a legitimate question.

12. Can the babies make more adorable cameos?
It gets us every time.

13. What ridiculous things will Kim be teaching North?
PLEASE don’t say duck face.

14. Will they talk about “serious” problems over big salads and iced teas?
It’s a staple of the show.

15. Who is Bruce talking to in those mysterious phone calls?
Sketchy Town, one phone call thatta way.

Baby, come back.

17. How many times will Khloe reminisce about Lamar?

18. Will Kim’s #BreakTheInternet shoot be included?
Help us understand the logic behind that decision.

19. How much will Kris interfere with Kim and Kanye’s parenting?
We hope a lot, because it’s probably hilarious.

20. Last, but certainly not least: Will Kris attempt pole dancing again? 

You know she wants to.

[Photo Credit: E!]

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