Josh Brolin is the Real Life Aquaman, Rescues Surfer from Strong Current

A few weeks ago, actor Josh Brolin turned into a hero in Malibu by rescuing a straggling suffer who was dragged out to sea by a strong current. Since then, the story was only told by word of mouth, but now we have video proof of Brolin flexing his water heroics.

We know Josh is set to play monstrous villain Thanos in the upcoming The Avengers films, but it seems like there is an Aquaman waiting to burst out on the big screen, or maybe just at affluent beaches. Watch the rescue go down above.

Also, Brolin has had numerous killer roles throughout his career. Check them out in the gallery below.

  • Oldboy

  • Milk

  • Block

  • Jonah-Hex

  • True-Grit

  • James-Hickok

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]