Why Can’t Queen Latifah Keep a Daytime Talk Show?

Queen Latifah turns 45 today, and she certainly has a lot to celebrate. She’s a beautiful, talented, and award-winning entertainer (two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Grammy, plus an Oscar nomination for her role in Chicago) with a wicked sense of humor. She’s getting some early awards buzz for her portrayal of Bessie Smith in the upcoming HBO film Bessie (due May 16), so her acting return is on the horizon. However, with Latifah’s second self-titled talk show getting canceled in November — the last episode aired March 6 — it seems like she can’t quite conquer the couch-and-coffee world. She has all the equipment, so what gives?

The Queen Latifah Show’s first run lasted a little more than two years (1999-2001), and its recent reboot barely scraped the 15-month mark. Now, it’s not like the show didn’t have promise: the September 2013 premiere was the highest rated talk show launch since Dr. Oz in 2009. She even won the People’s Choice Award in 2014 for Favorite New Talk Show Host. Even still, the ratings gradually slipped as Latifah failed to find her groove. It’s a tragedy, really, but not totally her fault.

We’ve broken down the reasons why daytime and Latifah don’t exactly mix. Take a look, and let us know if you’re rooting for a third talk show attempt (we are!) in the comments below.

1. It’s hard out there for a pimp new host (see: Bethenny Frankel).

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