‘Furious 7’ Cast and Crew Say Goodbye to Paul Walker at Surprise SXSW Screening

Furious 7 made its world premiere at a surprise screening last night at SXSW to a packed Paramount Theater. The loyal fans were joined by star Tyrese Gibson, director James Wan, and producer Neil Moritz, who paid a special tribute to the late Paul Walker.

Walker, the face of the franchise, hadn’t finished filming the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious series, before a car accident took his life in November 2013. Before the show, they all took to the stage to ask the audience not to share any spoilers, but also to say a few words about the actor.

“On a serious side: We obviously lost a dear friend, brother, comrade when we were making this movie,” said Moritz about Walker. “He was really the best guy I ever met in my world — in my life. When we decided we were going to continue this movie, we were determined to honor his legacy and our love for him forever.”

On continuing to shoot the film, Gibson added, “The reason that we kept this thing going became on behalf of our brother Paul Walker.”

Moments before the curtains went up for the film, Moritz closed with this: “This movie is the highlight of my career. I’m so proud of what we’ve done. And I know Paul Walker would be smiling down on all of us.”

[Photo Credit: @tenchi2481]

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