If Melissa Rivers Took Over as Host of ‘Fashion Police,’ We’d Actually Watch the Show Again

Shit has most certainly hit the fan at E!’s Fashion Police, but the show must go on. The Gossip Table reports that Joan Rivers’ daughter is camera-ready. “Melissa would love to take over the show, she sees herself as talent. This might be her moment to take over the show.” Can this happen? Because we are ALL for it.

Sure, rumored replacements Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian may be more well-known, but are they as funny? Do they have the fashion expertise that former host Kathy Griffin clearly lacked? What about the charisma and talent as a host? Melissa not only grew up around the comedic icon that was her mom, but hosted E! red carpets alongside her. She’s been the executive producer of the show for years, even putting in her two cents on camera every now and then. We know she got her mom’s funny genes because we’ve seen her in action. She even joked about Joan while accepting an Oscar upon her half at the 2015 ceremony. “She loved getting anything — If she thought she could get something at a Waffle House in Secaucus, she would be there,” she said.

Melissa was Joan’s partner in crime and knows what it takes to uphold the Rivers legacy. These are things that Griffin, who admits she “probably shouldn’t have taken the gig” to begin with, and other celebs just can’t be taught.

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