Ansel Elgort Will Sleep His Way to a MTV Movie Award (Or At Least Pretend to)

Ansel Elgort is sitting pretty with five MTV Movie Award nominations. But nobody wants to be a Leonardo DiCaprio, which means Elgort is willing to do just about anything to secure a win. Did that get your mind racing?

In a new promo for the April 12 show, Elgort chats with host Amy Schumer, who promises to hook him up with some golden popcorn so long as he give her a shout-out in his acceptance speech. And like any writer, Schumer has a few details that must be included — namely, that they’re madly in love in a NotebookFault in Our Stars kind of way (which means at least one of them is bound to die). Watch it all above, then try to hold back tears picturing Ansel breaking down as Allie and Noah pass away hand-in-hand.