Amber Rose Clears the Air with Khloe Kardashian Because She’s Classy Like That

After being publicly “slut shamed” by Khloe Kardashian on Twitter, Amber Rose is making moves to clear the air. “I don’t hate Khloe. I don’t hate her,” Rose told Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday. On top of that, she’d “absolutely” love to work things out and put the drama behind them.

Rose opened up to ET about being called out by Kardashian for stripping in her past. “I deal with it every day. I deal with it via social media. People out on the street. They don’t quite understand why I post what I post and how I speak on social media,” she said. “I’m sick of it and I’m here for my girls and we’re gonna do the Amber Rose Slut Walk this summer and it’s gonna be awesome.” YAS, Amber, yas.

While she doesn’t have negative feelings towards Kardashian, Rose believes her tweets were hypocritical. “[Khloe] didn’t have to tweet 11 times and try to humiliate me when the only reason why these girls have careers is because their older sister had a little fun on tape. Let’s be realistic,” she said. Rose also addressed her ex Kanye West’s comments to The Breakfast Club (in which he said he needed to take “30 showers” after being with her). “We were happy when we were together!” she said. “And now all of the sudden, I’m getting slut shamed because we’re not together anymore and it’s not fair.” A standing ovation for this classy lady, anyone?

As for why she commented on Kylie Jenner’s alleged relationship with Tyga — the soundbites that started it all — in the first place? She admits she should have “totally minded [her] own business,” but felt the need to add her two cents from life experience. “Me being a dancer at such a young age, dealing with older men gave me the humility and knowledge to speak on such a subject. [But] I can understand why it came across the wrong way to her. I get it,” she said. “But, that’s a phone call [Khloe] could have had with me.”

And that’s how it’s done.

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