Before She Was Cookie on ‘Empire,’ Taraji P. Henson Just Wanted Tyrese to Stay Out of the Strip Club

Fact: Taraji P. Henson has changed the game as Cookie Lyon, the baddest inmate turned A&R executive in the world. But before she was chasing checks and contemplating killing her ex-husband on Empire, Taraji was waiting for Tyrese to come home. Baby Boy, the 2001 cult classic, features Taraji as Yvette, tired of getting let down by Jody, her reckless baby daddy (Tyrese). She’s ultimately the woman he settles down with (spoiler!), but their romance has plenty of dysfunction. In honor of the Empire finale and #TBT, let’s look back at one of her most epic scenes, which proves Taraji’s had plenty of experience going off on men who let her down. (NSFW.)

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