A Robot Got the Tinder Game Poppin’ at SXSW

Tinder users: Be warned. Before you go through the hassle of shaving and putting on decent clothes in hopes of your next hook up, you could be getting played by a robot. Apparently Tinder was on fire down in Austin during South By Southwest because of one account in particular: an “attractive, 25-year-old woman” by the name of Ava, who caused app users to go gaga.

Big Morning Buzz Live reports that she would engage in text conversations like this:

Then, she’d direct them to her Instagram page, where they would find this:

Promos for the new movie Ex Machina, which premiered at the festival. Are you getting it? It’s just a big marketing scheme to promote the movie — pretty genius, huh? It’s amazing to us non-Tinder users, and devastating for those thinking they were getting some of Ava’s goodies.

[Photo Credit: Tinder]

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