12 Year-Old Poisons Mother For Taking Her iPhone

When keeping it real goes wrong. A 12 year-old girl allegedly poisoned her mom as a bizarre revenge plot after she took her iPhone away. Instead of sneaking into her mother’s room to take it back, the girl decides to keep it way too real and poison’s her mom with a bleach smoothie. We admire the creativity.

The mother writes off the deathly fruit blend as a mistake, thinking that the glass wasn’t washed properly. She drinks the bleached smoothie and than is rushed to the hospital. It wasn’t until a few days later that she knew something was awry. The mother noticed a pitcher of water that she keeps in her room smelled like bleach. She confronted her daughter, who revealed her elaborate revenge plan and than called the police, who would later arrest the girl.

Kids, iPhone’s are great to have, but iMessage and emojis aren’t worth going to jail over. Please chill.