Sarah Jessica Parker is Not Impressed with Tom Hanks

If you didn’t think Tom Hanks was a national treasure before, his appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden should definitely convince you. Someone who wasn’t so impressed by Hanks reenacting his filmography? Sarah Jessica Parker.

Hanks and SJP were two of the celebrities spotted at the New York Rangers game on Tuesday. Everyone loves knowing there’s a famous person in the house, so at one point local TV cameras panned across famous faces in the crowd — narrowing in on Hanks who seemed jovial (most likely because he broke the internet with his Late Late Show appearance). And then the camera move up to Parker, who was sitting directly behind the Oscar winner and looked as if he was wearing cologne made of rancid milk. What gives, SJP? Was his Late Late Show appearance too hammy? Have you still not forgiven Hanks for making Larry Crowne?

Also, let it be known that SJP was that person who reads during a live sporting event.

[Photo Credit: @peteblackburn, Getty Images]