Regina King Can’t Deny That Olivia Pope and Fitz’s Chemistry Is Sexual

For all you Fitz-Olivia Pope haters out there, those of us who continue to ship the two characters have a major A-lister on our side. Regina King is all for the on-screen couple and tells us that a steamy Fitz and Olivia scene is on the way in the upcoming Scandal episode she directed (airing this Thursday). So take, THAT. 

“People just wait for those moments, and even though [their relationship] is salacious and wrong, you just love to see that chemistry. That’s what connects us to the show,” King tells Nick Lachey on Big Morning Buzz Live. Sigh. Don’t we know it, Regina.

The actress reveals what it’s been like working with the ever fabulous Kerry Washington, who told her the secret to her on-screen perfection with Tony Goldwyn was the chemistry they “immediately” had when auditioning. And she pretends kissing him isn’t a big deal? Psh.

Now that we have this info, can we see the scene already? Whether you’re a Fitz fan or not, you can’t deny that it’s bo-ring watching him bond with Jake in the Oval Office.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.