The Sexiest Male Instagram Pics of March 2015

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  • jussie-insta-m

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  • bieber-insta-m

  • andre-h-insta-m

  • tatum-insta-m

  • brod-hunter-insta-m

  • tyson-insta-m

  • chris-insta-m

  • joe-insta-m

  • jesse-insta-m

  • nick-insta-m

  • tobias-sorensen-insta-m

March was a glorious month for Instagram. Tyson Beckford grabbed his bulge, Channing Tatum held a puppy, and Jussie Smollet’s shirtlessness reminded us why we’re obsessed with Empire. (Not that we needed reminding.)

In the gallery you’ll find a beautiful collection of classic hotties like Joe Manganiello, plus newer ones like The Longest Ride’s Scott Eastwood. And if you don’t know models Broderick Hunter, Andre Hamann, or Tobias Sorensen, get to know them now.


Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.