‘black-ish’ Star Tracee Ellis Ross Has the Perfect Guest Role for Kanye West

Exposure is like crack to Kanye West, which is why he should have no problem adding an appearance on ABC’s hit show black-ish to his schedule. And black-ish star and former Yeezy collaborator, Tracee Ellis Ross, is ready for his cameo.

On Big Morning Buzz Live, Ross told us about her history with West: she famously appeared in his “Touch the Sky” music video and used to be his neighbor. Believe it or not, she says Kanye has a great sense of humor. “He obviously does because he knows how to pick me!” she joked. When asked if Kanye would make a good guest star on black-ish, Ross did one better and thought up a character on the spot. “Maybe he’s one of my patients. Or maybe he’s one of the doctors at the hospital.” And with that, the hashtag #KanyeDoctorOnBlackish was born.

“Kanye, did you hear that?!” Let’s make it happen, people.

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