Miley Cyrus and Nick Offerman Speak Out Against the Indiana Religious Freedom Act

Miley Cyrus has joined the list of stars speaking out against Indiana’s discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a law which could allow businesses to refuse to serve gay people.

But Miley is hardly alone. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally canceled their Indiana tour date — a particularly hard blow given all the time he spent making Indiana a better place as Ron Swanson.

Today, he went on, explaining to his critics who misunderstand the gravity of the act.

Offerman and Mullally’s cancellation quickly followed that of Wilco (whose lead singer Jeff Tweedy also appeared on Parks and Recreation as the frontman for Land Ho).


We are canceling our May 7 show at the Murat in Indianapolis. The “Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act” feels like…

Posted by Wilco on Monday, March 30, 2015

REM’s Michael Stipe also took to his Tumblr page with a video that succinctly nails his point. “Indiana and people of Indiana, I love you. Indiana Governor Mike Pence, no. Go fuck yourself.”

And the list goes on — the NCAA, NASCAR and several businesses have both spoken out and pulled major deals out of Indiana in light of the law. Governor Pence says today that certain language will be removed from the law.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]