January Jones and Will Forte Are Our New Couple Obsession

Will Forte and January Jones? It’s so random we’re obsessed.

According to Us Weekly, the two have been dating for the past few months after getting together on the set of Last Man on Earth. Clearly Betty Draper has had enough drama in her life and as she bids farewell to Mad Men she is saying hello to none other than MacGruber.

Jones has a penchant for the funny guys. She previously dated Forte’s SNL co-star Jason Sudeikis and Josh Groban (he’s hilarious, if you don’t already know it). Makes sense as her Instagram followers know she’s pretty hysterical herself. Forte however has never really had any public relationship, once telling the AV Club, “Not a lot of people notice me. Which is surprising, because I’m so sexy. They’re probably intimidated by my sexiness and crushability.”

We totally get it.