Tom Hanks Continues to Be the Best Thing About the Internet

Everyone and everything loves Tom Hanks, including the Internet. Scratch that, especially the Internet. The delightful, Oscar-winning actor has captured the attention and admiration of the web thanks to his iconic movie career, and his general good-guy demeanor. This has resulted in everything from memes to movements like Tom Hanks Day.

But what makes Tom Hanks such an especially great Internet star, is that he’s in on the fun. Whether he’s taking part in viral videos (like his recent visit to The Late Late Show with James Corden) or playing along with a fan’s hilarious request, Hanks just continues to be the best, both on and offline.

In honor of Tom Hanks just being, you know, the coolest, here are his best contributions to the net.

Tom Hanks Reenacts All of His Movies in Six Minutes with James Corden 

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