See the First Instagram Photos Your Favorite Celebrities Ever Posted

Back when everyone's first caption was "I just joined Instagram!!"

From #nofilter selfies to extravagant vacations and workout shots, A-listers take Instagram to new, enviable levels. However, there was a time when even the most Insta-savvy stars — i.e: every Kardashian/Jenner alive — snapped photos that were random AF. Or, much worse: pixilated. (Even Kim is guilty, y’all.)

Instagram was still a relatively undiscovered frontier during the good ol’ days, so we don’t blame celebrities going through a little trial and error. Some were able to get it right the first upload, like Ariana Grande’s adorable candid with her late grandfather. But those head-scratching shots of Justin Bieber stuck in traffic — what the actual eff? (Of course, Beyoncé’s first photo is flawless and iconic.)

These first-ever Instas are the definition of a throwback, scroll through these nostalgia-inducing pics.