Real People with Famous Names Took to Facebook to Cheer Up a Teenage Girl Named Beyonce

Hey, everyone! Guess what! Humans of New York met Beyoncé! Well, a teenage girl named Beyoncé…

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“Sometimes I hate my name because it always draws attention to me, and I’m not a very social person. My family moved…

Posted by Humans of New York on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Turns out, having a famous name isn’t all fun and games. And the stars came out to sympathize. There was Bond. Jane Bond.

Baby herself was there.

Katie unchained.

Katy unsharked.

Beyoncé’s bestie and bandmate.

A rare Olsen twin appearance.

A tennis phenom.

The queen of rock ’n roll herself.

The most glamourous Spice Girl.

And a beloved Fresh Prince.

And at least one person who probably hasn’t gotten any benefit from his famous name.

Even some famous fictional characters came out in support.

Our thoughts are with the famously named. May you find some peace with your fabulous nomenclatures.

We caught up with Anne Hathaway, Adam Levine, and more everyday people who reveal why sharing a name with a celebrity has its perks.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Humans of New York]