Celebrities with Super Hot Siblings

I don’t want to blow your minds, but some of our favorite celebs have been hiding some super hot siblings from us. The secret is now out — the gene pools for these families have some quality DNA in them!

Sandra Vergara

[Photo Credit: Getty]

Sandra is actually Sofia Vergara’s cousin, but was adopted by their mother when she was just a month old. Regardless of their shared genes, the two are both gorgeous.

Austin Swift

[Photo Credit: Getty]

Taylor’s bro is just as cute as his famous sister.

Natali Germanotta

[Photo Credit: Getty]

Lada Gaga’s sister is a 23-year-old fashion designer who has designed clothes for her famous sis.

Alex Watson

[Photo Credit: Getty]

We don’t know who’s prettier, Emma Watson or her brother Alex (remember their chic Burberry ad campaign in 2010?). They totally look alike – which is bizarre, since he’s adopted.

Hunter Johansson

[Photo Credit: Getty]

ScarJo’s twin brother Hunter is tall, dark, and handsome with a dazzling smile. We’re not totally sure what he does for a living, but he does a lot of campaigning for Barack Obama and great causes like Hurricane Sandy benefits. Good looks and a good heart and mind? Sign us up.

Sebastian Theroux

[Photo Credit: Splash News]

The leather jackets, the skinny jeans, the moto boots – Justin Theroux and his little bro, Sebastian, are the hipster tough guys of our dreams.

Briana Cuoco

[Photo Credit: Getty]

Big Bang Theory cutie Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s sister is simply stunning.

Scott Evans

[Photo Credit: Getty]

Chris Evans’ brother, who used to appear on One Life to Live, might not be Captain America but he looks like he could handle himself just fine in an Avengers-worthy crisis.

Luke Hemsworth

[Photo Credit: Getty]

Liam and Chris’ brother proves hotness comes in threes.

Toby Huntington-Whiteley

[Photo Credit: Getty / @josephsinclair]

Damn, can their mom give out tips or something? That’s a lot of attractive in one family.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, @thuntingtonwhiteley]