Amy Schumer Loves Big Butts and She Cannot Lie

Your girl crush on Amy Schumer continues. The MTV Movie Awards host says she’s all about that bass (but who isn’t?) and a certain “p-word.”

“It’s annoying for me because I have an ass and I feel like black guys were always on board, but now all of a sudden white guys are like, ’Maybe we like ass, too,'” she joked on Big Morning Buzz Live. “It’s too late.” She told Nick Lachey that “dick” was said “left and right” on her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer but the female equivalent (the p-word) was bleeped out. Luckily, she argued to allow it on the show. “It was not much of a fight, you just had to ask twice.”

Amy also addressed whether she was approached by Comedy Central to replace Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. A female late night host? If only. Watch the clip below to learn more.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.