Jason Biggs Thinks It’s Irresponsible for Trevor Noah to Be Judged by a Few Bad Tweets

Jason Biggs is here to warn us all about being a douchebag on Twitter. When I say us, I mostly mean Jon Stewart’s Daily Show replacement, Trevor Noah.

Shortly after getting the Daily Show gig, Noah received flack for his offensive tweets.

Stewart has defended his successor, but what does someone who’s also received heat for controversial tweets think about the whole thing? “The idea of reducing one’s views of the world to a couple of joke tweets is not great. It’s very short-sided and ultimately, irresponsible,” Biggs said on Big Morning Buzz Live today. The actor is rooting for Noah and says he “likes” that Stewart is in his corner. Watch the full interview above.

The known Bachelor fan also gave his two cents on Chris Soules, who Biggs believes “was a better dancer [on Dancing With the Stars] than he was a bachelor, and that’s not saying a lot.”

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.