Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Says The Band Is On Hiatus

"I've got his back whenever he needs me," he says of frontman Axl Rose.

Although the band hasn’t performed live since last July, Guns N’ Roses fans across the globe have been hoping to see Axl Rose and Co. rock out in person. But they may have a long wait, as guitarist DJ Ashba has confirmed that the group is on hiatus.

“Ever since I joined G N’R six years ago, it’s almost been non-stop touring. But we’ve kind of talked of more touring, and I’m looking at this more as a hiatus than the end,” he told the Las Vegas Sun. Despite the break, he denies reports that the band is done for good. “I’ve got his back whenever he needs me,” he says of Axl.

Though the band has no concert dates scheduled, the status of their new recorded music is unclear. Axl Rose himself confirmed the existence of not one but two new GNR albums: one album of fresh material, and a remix version of 2008’s Chinese Democracy.

“Some of the stuff come[s] from nothing and some of the stuff is stuff that we’ve been working on that were ideas that were already there,” guitarist Richard Fortus revealed in November. “Some of the stuff Slash did — it was the beginning of the seed of the song that’s been around for a while.” Considering their last disc took over a decade to see the light of day, we’re not going to hold our breath.

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