Bruce Jenner’s Diane Sawyer Interview: Family, Hollywood and the Transgender Community React

"I would like to think that we can save some lives here," Bruce said in his candid interview.

Bruce Jenner just changed society as we know it.

During the former Olympian’s interview with Diane Sawyer last night, he* proudly – after months of speculation and media scrutiny – declared, “I am a woman.” (Check out important soundbites from the sit-down here.) Yes, Bruce identifies as transgender, and his public coming out will do so much in getting people comfortable with the trans community.

Bruce’s family is clearly supportive. Check out some of their tweets:

But it’s not just his family standing beside him, stars popped up all over Twitter to lend their support:

By speaking openly about being transgender, Bruce created a space to make trans people (and their allies) feel less alone. We sat down with two transgender people and got their thoughts on the interview.

“Bruce Jenner really made gender identity as relatable as she could,” Jenn Baker, a 23-year-old trans man, said. “She made it apparent that you don’t have to be transgender to understand this. We all suffer from pain caused by people’s perception of us. My own mother, who has had a very difficult time with my gender identity, told me tonight that she would ’never be stuck in a bubble again’ after listening [to Bruce’s interview], and I’ve never felt more at peace.”

University of South Carolina freshman Bailey Enlow, a trans woman in the process of transitioning, feels Bruce’s interview will help people see her community in a new light. “With this, hopefully the public opinions on transgender issues can turn and we can all start fresh!” Enlow said. “From my personal experience, things only look up from here. It’ll be fun but, like Bruce said, quite a ride.”

Bruce also has the support of some of the nation’s largest transgender equality leaders. National Center for Transgender Equality Executive Director Mara Keisling said, “Stories like Jenner’s help change the narrative about who transgender people are. To Jenner, welcome. To Jenner’s family, thank you for your touching and compassionate support. And to America, let’s all push past this trans tipping point together and change the world.”

Some people weren’t as accepting, as a handful of people took to Twitter to air their ignorance. It’s nice to know it was outweighed by overwhelming support.

While Jenner did say Friday’s interview would be his last as Bruce, you can watch the reality TV star in his own eight-part E! docuseries that is slated for a July 26 premiere. According to a press release, the series will detail Bruce’s transition and journey to a “new normal.”

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*Sawyer said Jenner is still comfortable with the “he” and “him” pronouns for now.