Jimmy Page + Jack White Are Huge Fans Of Metallica’s Controversial St. Anger Album

Yes, Metaliica fans you read that correctly.

When it comes to Metallica’s eighth studio album, St. Anger, most wouldn’t put it high on their favorite’s list, but lead singer of The White Stripes Jack White and leader of Led Zeppelin Jimmy Page disagree completely.

According to producer Bob Rock, both famous rockers are fans of the record. Rock told the Talk is Jericho podcast “I know Jimmy. He got up and walked over to me, gave me a big hug, and said, ’It’s great to see you, I love the St. Anger album.’ He later stated “I was at the premiere, and Jack White came over. He says, ’I’m Jack White.’ I said, ’I know.’ He says, ’That’s my favourite Metallica album.’ So I’m okay with those two.”

Rock’s work on the 2003 album was the last time he was at the helm for Metallica and it has been described by many fans as the band’s worst record. What do you think of the album? I believe a second listen is in order.