Mariah Carey Fires Shots at Ex-Husband Nick Cannon in New Song “Infinity”

"I was yours eternally, there's an end to infinity," she sings as purple butterflies leave trails of glitter behind them.

Lambs all over the world are starting the week off right with new music from Mariah Carey.

Carey released “Infinity” last night, and the sparkly new track proves that Mimi is up to her old tricks. It’s complete with runs and impossibly high notes, and it sounds like Carey also threw in some not-so-subtle disses for her ex-husband, Nick Cannon. Don’t be fooled by the rainbows, butterflies, and swirls of glitter in the lyric video. “Infinty” is stained by emotional trauma, and you can hear it in the chorus: “There’s an end to infinity.”

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