Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Check Yourself: Joc Lays Down The Good Wood

Is that a golf club reference, or is Joc making a dirty joke?

Even Kirk and Scrappy were shocked to hear that Joc has four (make that FOOOORE!) baby mamas and eight kids. But in this week’s Check Yourself, Joc explains that the ladies just can’t resist his hard wood. “When I put that good wood down, they don’t know how to walk away,” he explains. “Hard wood. I lay them hard wood floors, baby.”

Later, Karlie and Rasheeda reflect on their detective work in Rasheeda’s office when they stumble upon Kirk’s incriminating paperwork. But why would Rasheeda involve messy Karlie in her personal business? “You call your girl Karlie because you know that I will find out if ANY man is cheating, including yours,” Karlie explains. Watch the episode now!