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Barely Famous

Welcome back to Barely Famous, Season 2: the critically acclaimed comedy series created by and starring actresses Erin and Sara Foster.  The second season picks up where the first left off, skewering the reality TV genre while exploring the endless hypocrisy of Hollywood wealth and fame as the Foster sisters film a "documentary" about their lives. 
Each episode of Barely Famous mocks Hollywood stereotypes and the world of celebrity through the eyes of two D-Listers, desperately trying to insist they don't care about "Lists" while actively trying to get on the A-List – or on any list for that matter.  By breaking the 4th wall and occasionally telling both "the crew" and network to cut, no reality convention is too sacred, and our girls point out the absurdity of the medium itself.  Over the course of Season 2, Erin and Sara try to move beyond their own show to pursue their respective dreams of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter and an actress/celebrity/model/iconic business mogul.
These new careers don't come easy for Erin and Sara, however, as being only Barely Famous puts them at a real disadvantage.  It turns out building a lifestyle brand and becoming a mogul is significantly more difficult when no one has ever heard of you, so Sara spends a lot of her time reminding normal people of her lengthy list of credits.  While Bachelor Party 2, D.E.B.S, and The New 90210, have inflated Sara's sense of self, they unfortunately haven't done much for her brand identity.  Refusing to be ignored, Sara attempts to force her way into endorsements, lands a movie role with Kate Upton, purchases her very own energy drink, and even tries to arrange a friendship between her own daughter and Kate Hudson's son – all with questionable levels of success.
Being Barely Famous creates very different pitfalls for Erin.  Her career aspirations are looking up when she scores a great meeting with Jessica Alba about writing on Jessica's new show. Even Erin's love life takes a positive turn as she lands a series of boyfriends – famous and non-famous alike – who actually seem to be into her.  Of course, these opportunities quickly turn into challenges when a lifetime of living in Hollywood leaves Erin unable to navigate situations that someone 'normal' might be able to handle.
From awkward celebrity squad meetings to a vacation episode at Universal Orlando Resort to figuring out the most effective way to date your elderly boyfriend's hot lawyer son, this duo fumbles their way through life in an always surprising and amusing way.  Yes, they may not have a spot on the A-List, but at the end of the day at least they always have each other. And who knows, with all of their charisma, wit, and attempted charm caught on camera, they're sure to end up Famous, even if it's just Barely.

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