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I Love New York

Tiffany "New York" Pollard was the arch nemesis of the house on Season One of Flavor Of Love. She was the returning guest from hell who somehow ended up back in the mix in Season Two. The first time, she went all the way to the finale only to be ousted by the beguiling Hoopz. On her return, she once again romanced Flavor Flav all the way to the end, only to be beaten out by big booty-ed Deelishis. These two failed attempts left America wondering, "Why can't New York find love?"

Well, VH1 and the producers of Flavor Of Love were moved by New York's heart crushing rejection...both times. So out of the goodness of their hearts, they offered her the opportunity to find love, but this time she's going to be standing on the other side of the clock. That's right, New York got her own show, a mansion, and twenty men to pick from. But she's not going to do it alone. Her mom is going to help.

If there's one woman in this world who is scarier than New York, it's her mother, Sister Patterson. She fought Flav with words on Season One, and when she returned things got physical. She would do anything to get her girl away from the wrong type of man...including faking a terminal illness. She's loud, she's tough, and she thinks she knows exactly the kind of man her daughter needs.

Over the course of two seasons, together these ladies put men through the paces, testing them on everything from their physical prowess to their "daddying" skills to their earning potential. In Season Two, some of the chosen contestants vying for New York's heart have been hand-picked by online users and some have been chosen by Tiffany's outspoken mother, Sister Patterson.

The men who impress New York and her mother will get dates with the ladies. The men who don't will get the door. In the end, the man who loves New York the most will win a very special prize...her heart.

Do you Love New York? Of course you do!

Season 1 - I Love New York Guys: 12 Pack, Ace, Bonez, Boston, Chance, Heat, Jersey, Onix, Pootie, Real, Rico, Romance, T-Bone, T-Money, Tango, Token, Trends, Tweet, White Boy, Wood

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