• Ray JCast Member
    Ray J

    Ray J has been in the headlines recently, and this time it has nothing to do with his bad-boy behavior. He is hard at work turning his latest business venture Raycon into a global enterprise. He's balancing his duties as a singer-songwriter, producer, actor and electronics mogul -- but his No. 1 job is as a dad and husband. He and Princess are hard at work on baby No. 2, which is proving to be a tough task as both entrepreneurs expand their ever-growing empires.

  • Princess Love NorwoodCast Member
    Princess Love Norwood

    Princess is loving her newfound role as mommy to Melody. The wife and entrepreneur has been hard at work enjoying the success of her clothing line Princess Love while adding to her empire through her cosmetics line Prella. The Norwoods are working on expanding their family, but it's been a balancing act with multiple ventures and competing schedules between the dynamic duo, not to mention a house full of pups that need their TLC.

  • Kimberly PateCast Member
    Kimberly Pate

    After years of chart-topping hits including "V.S.O.P.," "Can't Raise a Man" and "Not a Little Bit," Kimberly is ready for a personal and professional reinvention. Coinciding with the release of her fourth album "Kimberly: The People I Used to Know," she's dropped the "K. Michelle" moniker and is in search of some much-needed peace of mind as she tries to have a second child with the assistance of a surrogate. She's also making a career change as she ventures into country music.

  • Lyrica AndersonCast Member
    Lyrica Anderson

    Lyrica's love for singing came from watching and listening to her mother, Lyrica Garrett, whose powerhouse vocals have a dash of soul and a sprinkle of magic. Lyrica is back in the studio working on her latest project and recruiting producers -- other than her husband A1. While her marriage to the super producer has created some drama, lately she's been pouring her emotions into her music. Her newest bundle of joy Ocean Bentley has given her more resolve and purpose as she works hard at balancing her life as a wife, mother and artist.

  • Floyd "A1" BentleyCast Member
    Floyd "A1" Bentley

    Hitmaker to superstars like Chris Brown, French Montana and Ty Dolla $ign, A1 Bentley is transitioning into a bona fide artist who's cranking out bangers. Fresh off tour life with Grammy award-winning artist T-Pain, A1 is still climbing the charts. He's finally ready to step out as an independent artist to showcase his talent while overseeing his new music label, Sound Sound Sound Entertainment. Despite his music industry success, A1 has gone through a lot, as rumors of infidelity and divorce continue to plague him. Balancing work and family in Hollywood seems to be his biggest challenge yet. Despite the salacious headlines, A1 tries to stay on top of his game and keep his family in tact while he and his wife Lyrica Anderson raise his newborn son.

  • FizzCast Member

    Fizz and the rest of the legendary R&B group B2K have reunited for the Millennium Tour, and what a difference 15 years makes. Balancing family, a hectic multicity tour schedule, group drama and swirling rumors about his love life, Fizz has had his hands full. With major things on the horizon for B2K, Fizz is relishing in his newfound return to the stage.

  • Apryl JonesCast Member
    Apryl Jones

    Apryl Jones is back with a vengeance. The triple threat has appeared in a few movies and is looking to expand into the wine business. She had also recently been co-hosting Hollywood Unlocked alongside Jason Lee and DJ Damage. The mother of two has since been creating headlines as she makes her return back to music, dropping a few diss tracks along the way. And it's not just her music that's causing all this chatter -- it's her friendship with her ex's B2K bandmate Fizz.

  • YoYoCast Member

    Yolanda "YoYo" Whitaker is a rapper and actress whose big break came when she appeared on Ice Cube's 1990 debut AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted as a feature on "It's a Man's World." Her timeless grace and icon status still reverberates. Through YoYo's School of Hip Hop, she aims to empower Compton-based youth through music, culture and the sciences and has recruited legends from the West Coast to help with the cause. She's also busy playing auntie to newcomers like Micky Munday and the tenacious vet Apple Watts.

  • Micky MundayCast Member
    Micky Munday

    Micky Munday is a recording artist from South Central, L.A. A product of his environment, Micky uses his experiences to fuel his authentic sound. Micky has been in the industry for years perfecting his musical formula, but has yet to find his big break. He's garnered the attention of tastemakers like Akon and Migos. Success is on the other side of the grind and, with his supermodel bae Slick Woods at his side, it's go time for Micky.

  • Apple WattsCast Member
    Apple Watts

    A tough-as-nails stripper from the mean streets of Compton, Apple Watts is determined to overcome her challenging upbringing and leave dancing behind while solidifying herself in the music industry. But first she'll need to manage her self-destructive tendencies that she attributes to a childhood spent in the foster-care system. Apple is determined to make a change and realizing that it starts with unearthing old issues and repairing relationships within her family. With mentor and friend YoYo behind her, Apple's striving to get on straight and narrow -- but with her unpredictability, only time will tell.

  • Paris PhillipsCast Member
    Paris Phillips

    As somebody who knows everybody, Paris is a ride-or-die friend who gets all the tea -- which she's more than happy to spill, especially to her bestie, Zell. Paris is taking her talents to the big screen. However, she's not interested in playing the chubby best friend and is working on reinventing herself -- but it hasn't been easy. Ever the hustler, Paris has her hand in everything and is focused on using her charisma and personality to take her to the top.

  • ZellswagCast Member

    Hollywood's outspoken celebrity stylist is back on the scene with a new outlook and a whole new swag. After getting embroiled in controversy some years back, Zell is re-centering himself while putting all his positive energy into launching his own menswear line.

  • Moniece SlaughterCast Member
    Moniece Slaughter

    For the first time in a long time, Moniece is truly happy and living her best life. After years of self-examination, the singer-songwriter is doing all she can to stay away from the Hollywood drama. She's focusing on the rebirth of her music career -- but old habits die hard, and the temptation to lash out at her rivals may prove too much to resist.

  • Jason LeeCast Member
    Jason Lee

    Culture disruptor and media mogul Jason Lee has unlocked the secret to success in Hollywood. Lee has built an ever-evolving brand empire through strategic campaign oversight, event production and influential relationships with Tiffany Haddish, Cardi B, Kris Jenner and Floyd Mayweather. In the competitive world of entertainment, Lee has elevated his brand recognition on Wild N' Out, "The Wendy Williams Show", "Dish Nation" and more. Lee continues to shine as the face of the Hollywood Unlocked brand.

  • Brittany B.Cast Member
    Brittany B.

    Brittany Barber a.k.a. Brittany B. is a Grammy-nominated artist and songwriter from Compton, CA. From penning hits for Ledisi and John Legend to singing on tour with Chrisette Michele and Jon B., Brittany is the definition of determination. Not only is she creative and masterful with the pen, she also has an eye for talent. In her new role as A&R at Warner Music Group, the songstress has helped develop the careers of various newcomers like controversial viral sensation Bhad Bhabie. She's not one to shy away from the headlines and isn't afraid to tell it like it is.

  • Ray "Misster Ray" CunninghamCast Member
    Ray "Misster Ray" Cunningham

    Misster Ray is an L.A.-based multimedia personality who has established himself on various platforms including television, radio and digital media. He's also currently serving as creative director for Heritage Music Group, which is distributed through Universal Music. Ray is looking to rebrand himself as more than just the messy bestie.

  • Daniel "Booby" GibsonCast Member
    Daniel "Booby" Gibson

    They say that in between your plans, life happens -- and nobody knows that better than Daniel "Booby" Gibson. He started out playing ball at the University of Texas at Austin, was later selected in the 2006 NBA Draft, then earned a spot on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Despite early retirement, Booby showcased his passion and resilience on the floor. As he sets out on this new journey in the music and entertainment industry, he brings with him his love for his son Daniel Gibson Jr. and the nickname his grandmother gave him as a kid.

  • J-BoogCast Member

    J-Boog has been wowing audiences on the wildly successful Millennium Tour after the reunion of his group B2K. Even though it's been 15 years since the entertainer last hit the stage, he's been hard at work as a film and TV producer behind the scenes. He and cousin Marques Houston successfully launched Footage Films and have several projects in development and production. With the success of the Millennium Tour under his belt, Boog looks to spearhead another reunion tour featuring other R&B sensations including, he hopes, his cousin's group Immature.

  • Marques HoustonCast Member
    Marques Houston

    Marques Houston has been out of the public eye in recent years running a successful TV and production company. In the early 90s, Marques reached the pinnacle of his success as a musician, both solo and as a part of the chart-topping group Immature. He was also everyone's favorite neighbor on "Sister, Sister" and appeared on several television shows and in movies. Recently, his focus has been on trying to reunite his boy band group Immature, which broke up in 2002 but remained close. In 2013, they reunited for a performance at Club Nokia in L.A. but haven't performed together since. J-Boog, having experienced great success with B2K's reunion, has decided it's time for his cousin and business partner to reassemble his own band.

  • Pam BentleyCast Member
    Pam Bentley

    The outspoken mom of Floyd "A1" Bentley has a new man, a new grandbaby and a new perspective on living life to the fullest. She's not letting anyone or anything stand in her way as she pursues happiness. Mama Pam will work to keep her family together by mending the relationship between her sons after last year's falling out. This may be her toughest challenge, but if anyone can get it done, it's Pam.

  • Lyrica GarrettCast Member
    Lyrica Garrett

    With a golden voice that ages like fine wine and only gets better with time, Lyrica Garrett is a powerhouse and free spirit. She possesses fearless stage presence, which allows her to lose her inhibitions and command any stage when she performs. She is working on a new album with features from legends like Mr. Dalvin of Jodeci, but her new role as a grandmother also has her busy these days -- as does the rumor mill. In the midst of working on her EP, Lyrica G continues to be a source of strength and wisdom -- and a confidante -- for her daughter Lyrica Anderson, whom is struggling in her marriage to A1.

  • Tricia AnaCast Member
    Tricia Ana

    Tricia Ana is a personal trainer turned boss bae. She's been working behind the scenes grinding in music A&R for Akon's label Konvict Muzik. She met Akon several years ago, and the pair carried on a romantic relationship and even had a ceremony in Africa to make it official-official, but as the saying goes, it's not always wise to mix business and pleasure. Through their roller-coaster relationship, Tricia's knack for spotting and developing talent has remained. She's booking deals and breaking artists while juggling life as a mom to four beautiful children.

  • Teairra MariCast Member
    Teairra Mari

    The one-time “Princess of the Roc,” Teairra Mari Thomas released her first album at the age of 16 and has been grinding in Hollywood as an actress and singer-songwriter ever since. In recent years, her entertainment career has taken a backseat to alcohol-fueled personal problems, but now Teairra Mari is back. After a successful stint in rehab, she returns to "Love & Hip Hop" with new music, a new boyfriend and a new outlook on life. But nothing is what it seems, and a high-profile crisis looks to be the ultimate test of her newfound resolve.

  • Nikki MudarrisCast Member
    Nikki Mudarris

    A native of Los Angeles, Nicole “Miss Nikki Baby” Mudarris learned the art of being a boss while working for the family business, a chain of burlesque clubs. Now, Nikki is handling her own business, her wildly successful Nude By Nikki brand of lingerie. A loyal friend, Nikki stood by Teairra’s side throughout the whole rehab and intervention situation, but this year’s drama may prove too much for their bond to bear.

  • Brooke ValentineCast Member
    Brooke Valentine

    Seasons 4-5

    With the release of her hit single “Girlfight” in 2005, Brooke Valentine exploded onto the scene as one of the music industry’s hottest rising stars. But her career cooled down just as fast when she turned her attention to raising her son and shifted her professional focus to songwriting. After a year of messy romantic entanglements, Brooke is ready to clear her mind and get back to business. But an unexpected health crisis could shake up her priorities and force her to decide what she really wants out of life and love.

  • Marcus BlackCast Member
    Marcus Black

    Seasons 4-5

    Best known for his work with The Game, Marcus Black is one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers and songwriters in the business. Recently divorced, he’s also a smooth-talking, trouble-making ladies’ man. After things fell off with Brooke Valentine last year, Marcus has decided to “do him” and play the field. But an unexpected turn of events just might lead Marcus into yet another love triangle, one in which he gets to beat Brooke Valentine at her own complicated game.

  • Bridget KellyCast Member
    Bridget Kelly

    Seasons 4-5

    An ambitious female artist known for her powerhouse vocals, Bridget Kelly got a taste of fame back in 2009 when she toured with Jay-Z and performed “Empire State of Mind” in front of sold-out arena crowds. But when her deal at Roc Nation ended in 2014 without a finished album, it looked like her moment may have passed. A tough and resilient New Yorker, Bridget is determined to get a second chance. After a year spent tangling with Brooke Valentine over men, Bridget doubled down on her career and just put the finishing touches on her soon-to-be-released debut full-length album.

  • Solo LucciCast Member
    Solo Lucci

    Seasons 4-5

    A charismatic up-and-coming rapper straight outta the Dirty South, Solo Lucci has been making big moves since he arrived on the L.A. scene last year. After receiving a huge signing bonus from an independent label, Lucci’s been living the Hollywood high life throwing the hottest parties and chilling with the finest females while collaborating with the likes of Lil’ Boosie and Jay-Z. But with more money comes more problems, and Lucci is about to have a whole lot of 'em!

  • A.D. DiggsCast Member
    A.D. Diggs

    Seasons 4-5

    A proud lesbian and successful entrepreneur with her own sneakershop and apparel line, Annette “A.D.” Diggs grew up around the L.A. club scene, but is seekingpeace and stability now that she’s in her thirties. Fiercely independent but madly in love withMoniece, A.D. has just decided that she’s ready to move in with her girlfriend -- but she might beless prepared for all the drama and messiness that’s certain to come.

  • RoccstarCast Member

    Season 5

    Hollywood isn’t ready for Leon “Roccstar” Youngblood Jr.! This Grammy-nominated, self-proclaimed super producer and media mogul has worked with the likes of Post Malone, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Kendrick Lamar, and now he’s finishing up his debut album as a solo artist. Roccstar always has his eyes on the prize, and he’s not daunted by the naysayers.

  • La'Britney FranklinCast Member
    La'Britney Franklin

    Season 5

    Born and raised in Detroit, hyper-ambitious singer and performer La’Britney is already iconic in the 313, but after recent chart success with singles like “Booty Drop” and “Actin’ Funny” (featuring Kash Doll), she’s ready to expand her La’Nation fanbase worldwide. A single mom, La’Britney will stop at nothing to get to the top, and nobody’s gonna stand between her and Hollywood’s top songwriters and producers.

  • Shun LoveCast Member
    Shun Love

    Season 5

    A fierce and fabulous club and concert promoter from the Dirty South, Shun Love has worked with the likes of Future and Gucci Mane, but now she’s determined to build a family empire. A three-time teen mom, Shun wants to turn her daughter Amber Diamond into a star and, in the process, take Kris Jenner’s spot as Hollywood’s reigning “momager.” But in giving Amber the privileged life she never had herself, Shun is worried she’s raised a spoiled and naive monster.

  • Amber DiamondCast Member
    Amber Diamond

    Seasons 4-5

    Amber Diamond debuted on the "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" scene as the “other woman” in Teairra and Cisco’s relationship. Now she’s ready to prove that she’s so much more than that! Already successful as a video vixen and a model on MTV’s "Wild 'N Out," Amber is determined to become a household name. But her mom is her manager, and Amber is starting to buck at Shun Love’s hypercritical, overprotective ways. This year, Amber is about to find out whether or not she can stand in the spotlight on her own two feet.

  • JayWill/KandieCast Member

    Season 5

    Born and raised in Compton, CA, JayWill is a loud and proud bisexual rapper who’s coming into his own in the music game as a ghostwriter to some of Hollywood’s top stars and as an artist with an eyebrow-raising split personality. After years of struggling as an openly LGBT rapper, JayWill created a raunchy, colorful drag queen persona named Kandie. Instagram fame and club bookings soon followed, but creative fulfillment has proved elusive, as JayWill struggles with compromising his authentic, street-flavored artistic voice for the outrageous, bill-paying antics of Kandie.

  • DonatellaCast Member

    Seasons 4-5

    Hailing from the U.K.’s hip-hop regions of Shoreditch and Camden, Donatella Panayiotou is an accomplished radio host, TV personality and all-around influencer. Donatella is determined to build a bridge between Los Angeles and London and create the next big music movement.

  • Masika KalyshaCast Member
    Masika Kalysha

    Seasons 1, 3-4

    While making major strides in her entertainment career, Kalysha took a small break to prepare for the biggest and best addition to her life - her beautiful daughter with fellow artist Fetty Wap. On March 29, 2016, Kalysha and Maxwell welcomed their baby girl Khari Barbie Maxwell. During her entire pregnancy, Masika continued quietly working, and ultimately created, executive produced, and filmed her own television show for a major cable network.

    Actress, singer, and entrepreneur Masika Kalysha Tucker hasappeared in over 50 music videos and performed in work alongside stars like Vivica A. Fox andMekhi Phifer. But she's probably best known as the mother to Fetty Wap's daughter KhariBarbie, a position that's led to social media conflict with his ex-girlfriend Alexis Skyy.

    Simultaneously, Masika also continues to expand her acting career with projects that have placed her among the likes of Danny Trejo, Nick Chinlund, Kevin Grevioux, Mekhi Phifer, Vivica A. Fox and more. Also on the forward continuum, Masika's commercial and top brand endorsements range from Ford and Sally's Beauty Supply to Adidas and Intel Centrino computers.

    Her early career start brought about starring appearances in more than 50 music videos with the likes of Lil Wayne, Future, Lenny Kravitz, Flo Rida, Trey Songz and more while working with top video directors Colin Tilley, Director X, and the Terrero brothers. Her vibrant modeling, acting, and television career have brought about features and covers in King Magazine, Smooth Magazine, The Source, and XXL to name few.

    Today, Masika, Khari and the family's popular Pomeranian Miss Fancy Tucker, call Hollywood home. In her new role as Mommy, Masika has already started her Momtrepreneur work: creating and building multiple businesses for herself including a very special cosmetic line she's created for her daughter called Khari Barbie Beauty which launches this Fall. Within her career, Masika continues acting studies intensives and songwriting and collaborating with top musicians, producers and industry hit-makers.

  • Hazel-ECast Member

    Seasons 1-2, 4

    As an artist, manager, publicist, brand consultant, and published author, Hazel-E isproving to the world that one woman can do it all. Basking in the success of her "Girl Code"lifestyle brand, Hazel returns to the franchise with the kind of confidence that only money canbuy. She's ready to stunt on all her haters, and she's doing it with a new man by her side -- 25-year-old aspiring rapper Rose Burgandy, for whom age ain't nothin' but a number. As long asRose treats Hazel like his queen, she's more than happy to bankroll their extravagant lifestyle.

  • SafareeCast Member

    Season 4

    A noted entertainer famous for his laid back Caribbean vibe, Safaree Samuels isbest known as the executive producer on all of Nicki Minaj's albums. After his break-up withMiss Nikki Baby, Safaree is ready to get down to business -- seeking out new talent in the studiowhile launching his own brand of coconut oil and men's boxer brief line.

    After the end of his relationship with Nicki, Safaree began to focus on pursuing his musical passion, popping wheelies on his motorcycle via his "Stunt Gang" movement, and releasing a number of projects that were well received, including his single "Can't Lie" featuring Olaf which premiered via Billboard Magazine.

    No stranger to the limelight, the Brooklyn native has made his way onto shows like K.Michelle's: My Life, (which was the highest rated episode of the season) and on Nick Cannon's Wild 'n Out, where his appearance brought in the highest ratings in the show's 10 year history.

    From endorsement and product deals, to having Hollywood at his beck and call, it is more than obvious that Safaree is a star that refuses to stop shining.

  • Keyshia ColeCast Member
    Keyshia Cole

    Season 4

    Singer-songwriter Keyshia Cole burst onto the scene in 2005 with therelease of her platinum-selling debut "The Way It Is," an album that rocketed her to R&B iconstatus. After a four-year industry hiatus, Keyshia is back in a big way, with a deal at Epic Records and a major new album in the works. But in order to move forward with her career, Keyshia will need to find balance with the famously difficult personal life that's fueled so much ofher music -- including her tumultuous on-again / off-again marriage to ex-NBA star Daniel"Booby" Gibson."

  • Nia RileyCast Member
    Nia Riley

    Seasons 1-4

    Daughter of Grammy Award-winning producer, singer-songwriter, and musicianTeddy Riley, Nia Riley was born into Hollywood hip-hop royalty and has found her own niche asa model and social media influencer. After years of drama with rapper Soulja Boy, Nia is singleand ready to have fun in L.A.'s glamorous dating scene.

    Nia took a break from modeling after giving birth to her daughter, Kamryn, but is now seeking to return to magazine covers while balancing motherhood and love. Nia is in an on-again-off-again relationship with rapper, Soulja Boy.

  • Alexis SkyyCast Member
    Alexis Skyy

    Season 4

    Cute and sexy but tough-as-nails, Alexis Skyy is a former exotic dancer making waves as an aspiring artist and entrepreneur with a massive social media following. From New York by way of Atlanta, she recently roared into L.A. on a quest for fame, fortune, love -- and revenge, against her online nemesis Masika Kalysha, who claims to have been Fetty Wap's main chick at the same time he was seeing Alexis.

  • Chanel West CoastCast Member
    Chanel West Coast

    Season 4

    Best known as the co-host of MTV's "Ridiculousness," Chanel West 2Coast has spent the last decade quietly cultivating an impressive rap career -- collaborating withartists ranging from Robin Thicke to Snoop Dogg. Bouncing back from the end of her deal withLil' Wayne's Young Money Entertainment, Chanel is ready to kick her music into overdrive.Despite her beach babe looks, Chanel has a bold hip-hop attitude, and isn't afraid to checkanyone who gets in her way.

  • Soulja BoyCast Member
    Soulja Boy

    Seasons 1-3

    Soulja Boy (born DeAndre Way) is a Grammy nominated and BET Award winning artist and a seasoned businessman, wielding all the hit making requirements: live entertainer, recording artist, music producer and entrepreneur. Soulja Boy has helped redefine the music industry by utilizing social media and engaging with fans.

    Before the age of 18, his self-published single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" reached number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and it later became a number-one Billboard hit in the United States for seven weeks. After the success of spreading his music through the Internet in 2004 and establishing his Stacks On Deck Music Group, Soulja Boy continued to be a pioneer in the music industry by managing a record label and creating a clothing line.

    Throughout his career, Soulja Boy has definitely been a pioneer in music by being one of the first to use the internet to propel and maintain a strong fan base, creating history in the music industry and the way we digest media.

    Most recently heard on the radio, Soulja Boy has collaborated with Nicki Minaj ("Yasss Bish"), Drake ("We Made It") , and Migos ("Actavis").

  • Max Boyd aka Max LuxCast Member
    Max Boyd aka Max Lux

    Seasons 2 + 3

    Max Lux is a songwriter and rapper based in Los Angeles, California. Max began his career ghostwriting for a string of major artists. Max has written songs for artists such as Stevie Wonder, Davante Swing, T-Pain, Flo Rida , T.I., Trey Songz, Ray J, Lil Kim, Diggy Simmons and many more. Max has also done some ghostwriting for Lil Kim and toured with her as her hype man.

    Max landed his first placement in 2001 and signed to BMI. He received his first big check from the movie Beauty Shop for a song he had wrote. Max Lux wrote his first multi-platinum record, "How To Love", for Lil Wayne, which sold over 4 million copies. Since then, Max has been in the studio with super producers such as Rodney Jerkins, Clinton Sparks, Timbaland, and Drummer Boy - just to name a few. He signed a deal with Warner/Chappell Music Inc. and has worked on a string of successful records and viral music. Max Lux has landed some placements for TV shows, HBO movies and a Playboy TV Show called Buck Wild.

    Max Lux is a two-time BMI award winner, and there is no end in sight. His passion for creating great music is his fuel to keep going and keep pumping out hit after hit. He is set to release a compilation album in 2016 that will also highlight his own music and artistry, led by the new hit single, "Romeo Must Die".

    Max is known to be a top tier writer in the LA underground scene and is considered to be a industry Tastemaker. Max Lux is now set to take on the rap world and he truly is a force to be reckoned with.

  • Brandi BoydCast Member
    Brandi Boyd

    Seasons 2 + 3

    Rapper/actress/host/mover and shaker, Brandi is the entertainment industry's new "It Girl". It is due to hard work and reaching for the stars. Even as the Goddaughter of the late great, superstar, Whitney Houston, Brandi refused to take handouts.

    Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Brandi started out at the Lula Washington Dance School and excelled quickly, catching the eye of the William Morris Agency of Hollywood. She booked several national commercials such as Cover Girl, Lip Blast, and Diet Coke. Soon after, she landed a spot as Nick Cannon's co-star on Nickelodeon's hit television series, Snick House and various other roles.

    The African-American and Korean diva made her movie debut in the hit comedy, Nora's Hair Salon. She made such an impression on her viewers that she was called to co-star in Nora's Hair Salon II alongside some of Hollywood's finest - Tatiana Ali, Jenifer Lewis, and Stacey Dash. Brandi is most noted for her role in VH1's hit reality show, For The Love Of Ray J where she was the co-host/advisor.

    A budding entrepreneur, Brandi and her business partners had a successful launch with their Luv Indian Hair line and have plans to expand globally. A fashion icon in the making, Brandi has launched her own clothing line called SMAC, a brand that empowers all people, who like her, refuse to take any smack. In addition, Brandi is also moving forward with her philanthropic efforts by supporting her sister, Amber Capers Burnside, an MS survivor, with her project We Are Immune.

    Brandi has no intentions of stopping now. This triple threat is not just an actress and host. She can rap like no other. Her rap duo, Queenz, is already making big moves and gaining respect from industry greats. She is a force to reckoned with and is definitely here to stay!

  • Willie TaylorCast Member
    Willie Taylor

    Seasons 2 + 3

    Former member of R&B group Day 26 and Chicago-based group Kwiet Storm, Willie Taylor is a singer, songwriter, producer, actor, author, and CEO of Noviak Music Group.

    Catapulted into the spotlight after starring in Diddy's MTV hit show Making The Band 4, Willie achieved national success with Day 26 with back to back Billboard #1 albums (self-titled Day26 and Forever In A Day) with hits like "Got Me Going" off their 2008 self-titled album and "Imma Put It On Her" featuring P. Diddy and Young Joc off their 2009 follow-up release Forever In A Day. Day 26 was nominated for an American Music Award (AMA) and was nominated twice at the BET Awards for Best Group where they won the coveted title in 2009. In addition, the group received nominations from The Image, Teen Choice, and Urban Music Awards.

    In 2009, the singer appealed to the lovers when he released his mixtape entitled Sextape on his Noivak Music label. The mixtape received over 2 million downloads and Willie gave a second offering with his mixtape The Reintroduction Of Willie Taylor in 2012. Adding to his list of accomplishments, Willie has worked with numerous artist including P. Diddy, Rick Ross, Babyface, Tank, Jeremih, and the list goes on and on. He also co-wrote songs with Avant for his Director album and Syleena Johnson's 2014 release Couples Therapy.

    In addition to his musical talents, Willie is no stranger to the stage or screen. In 2012 he starred as Darrell in David E Talbert's musical stage play A Fool and His Money (BET, Netflix) along side Eddie Griffin, Michael Beach, and Cindy Herron. He followed up that role by appearing as Jameel "Goody" Goodloe in the Christian Keyes film Note To Self (Netflix). Other Stage plays includes Meet The New First Lady and How To Love. In 2015 Willie also stared in the new BET movie Couples Therapy alongside Syleena Johnson, Dave Hollister, and Leela James. Up next, Willie will be playing Pretty Boy in the film Chocolate City 2 due to be released this Fall.

    Willie is a featured celebrity player on 2K Sports video game NBA2K13. In 2008, Willie received hometown recognition when Harvey, IL, a Chicago suburb where he was raised, named a street in his honor (Willie Taylor Ave).

    The stage has been set and Willie is showing no signs of slowing down.

  • Shanda Denyce TaylorCast Member
    Shanda Denyce Taylor

    Seasons 2 + 3

    Shanda Denyce Taylor was born and raised in the Chicago area and is one of seven children. Being a part of a family where her father was a drummer, producer, and writer for Grammy Award winning R. Kelly, her love for the industry grew and she knew she was destined to become an inspiring artist and performer.

    Shanda met her husband, Willie Taylor, formerly of Day26, at the young age of 16 while he worked with her R&B/Pop girl group, X'clusive. She put her career on hold because she was blessed with two beautiful children by the name of Kavion and Layla-Marie.

    Known as a dancer who inspired others, Shanda became an exotic dancer and helped to keep her family afloat while her husband focused on his craft. She joined another girl group alongside Apryl Jones that didn't work out but she gained a great friend in the process.

    Recently relocated to LA with her family, Shanda is focused on making her mark in the entertainment industry.

  • Rosa AcostaCast Member
    Rosa Acosta

    Season 3

    Entrepreneur, fitness guru, cover model, world-renown Hip-Hop video vixen, and elite ballet dancer are just a few titles Dominican Republic beauty Rosa Acosta holds. Her charming personality, coveted physique, and warm smile have made Rosa one of the most sought after personalities and garnered her the crown of "XXL Hottest Eye Candy Of All Time".

    Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Rosa started classical ballet studies at the age of four at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago. She later moved on to the Instituto de Cultura y Arte (ICA) where she excelled as one of the most gifted students at the academy. Upon graduating with honors from ICA and The Ballet School Of Norma Garcia with a Bachelor's Degree in Art with mention to Classical Ballet, Rosa joined the Ballet Nacional Dominicano as the youngest soloist member in 2002. As a dancer and actress, she performed in all major classical and modern shows including Don Quixote, The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Diana & Acteon, Carmen, Paquita, Coppellia, and Victor Victoria (musical). The rising star was nominated twice by the Secretaria de Estado de la Juventud for her work in the Cultural Development category.

    Rosa Acosta embarked on a modeling career in 2004, appearing in magazines and TV commercials for the most prestigious Dominican enterprises. In 2006 she decided to leave home and join her mother in the United States where she continued to work as a model and actress, performing in music videos for artists including Aventura, Alexis y Fido featuring Tobby Love, Coscuello, Jowell y Randy, Baby Ranks, Fuego, LDA, Omega, Amarfis y la Banda de Ataque and more.

    Rosa's career took a major turn when she taped a series of videos showcasing her amazing flexibility as a professional dancer. The stretching videos garnered millions of views on YouTube and other websites which launched her into the national spotlight and catching the attention of elite Hip-Hop artists such as Kanye West who invited her to be a lead model in the music video for Drake's hit song "Best I Ever Had". Her career skyrocketed and she instantly became a celebrity vixen appearing in dozens of other videos with the most famous Rap and R&B artists like Chris Brown featuring Juelz Santana, Mario featuring Gucci Mane and Sean Garrett, 50 Cent, P. Diddy and Dirty Money, Mike Posner, Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Swizz Beats, Jamie Foxx, Busta Rhymes, and Booba (one of the most famous rappers in France).

    While appearing in blockbuster music videos, Rosa Acosta's buxom body graced the covers of major magazines such as KING, FHM, Spanish Maxim, Maxim, Maxim Czech Republic, Smooth, JM, Black Men, Show, Girls Of Lowriders, XXL, The Source, Giant, Shock, Straight Stuntin, and American Curves. In 2009, Terry Richardson photographed Rosa for the Supreme Campaign, and her Playstation 3 theme is one of the most downloaded of its kind. In 2010, she won three Urban Model Awards including Model of The Year, and Rosa also became a Fitness Competitor/Personality, participating in the NYC Metropolitan Championships.

    In 2012 the Dominican street-stopper was crowned XXL Magazine's "Hottest Eye Candy Of All Time", beating out numerous other video vixens to grab the fan-favorite title of hottest eye candy model in the past 15 years. She was featured in a special edition spread in XXL's celebratory 15th Anniversary September issue. Rosa also made her debut as the face of 9Five Eyewear in its Summer 2012 Campaign, appealing to the urban skater demographic.

    Rosa says "baring al" on magazine covers will soon become a thing of the past as she focuses on expanding her career. The fitness star and entrepreneur recently launched her fitness clothing line "Body By Rosa Acosta" which is available for purchase on www.RosaAcosta.com and www.Cossamia.com. She is also working on an accompanying fitness DVD to be released soon.

    The budding actress has participated in Telemundo's Spanish show 12 Corazones and has worked for Univision and Mun2. Rosa starred in Hot 97's online video series Los Blancos which followed the adventures of two sisters at the helm of their family's cocaine business. "The show is like The Sopranos but from the perspective of women leading the busines, with a Spanish twist" explains Rosa. The 8-episode series aired online in Summer 2016. Rosa will also appear in the upcoming Fuse TV show The Hustle next March, playing the role of a sexy troublemaker in the "urban Entourage" new series. While working on her business ventures, Rosa continues to host events worldwide and will appear as a celebrity host on the cable show Comedy After Dark with Jenna Jameson, Trina, and Catalino.

    Rosa Acosta's professional dance talents, amazing physique, love for fitness, and an affinity for professionalism have opened unprecedented doors for her career as a Dominican Republic native and worldwide superstar. The best is yet to come!

  • OmarionCast Member

    Seasons 1 + 2

    Omarion is a Grammy Award nominated, platinum-selling R&B star. Now, as a solo artist, he is embarking on a new album for Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group Atlantic Records, titled Sex Playlist. With the success of his single "Post To Be", Omarion has risen to new heights in his career.

    A former member of the massively popular boy band, B2K, the group lit up the scene with "Uh Huh" in 2002 which reached #1 on the U.S. Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs charts. The group headlined three popular Scream Tours, and appeared in the hit film You Got Served, before breaking up in the midst of scandal and turmoil.

    Omarion and his girlfriend Apryl Jones were recently blessed with their first child, Megaa.

  • Rich DollazCast Member
    Rich Dollaz

    Season 2

    Richard "Rich Dollaz" Trowers, CEO and Founder of Dollaz Unlimited, entered the music industry as an ambitious and hungry intern, then became one of the most sought after radio promotion gurus, to now managing the hottest R&B and Hip Hop artists on radio to date. Dollaz's strong presence in the industry has not just brought him street credibility but corporate integrity.

    With his liquor, 79Gold, in over 23 states and overseas, he continues to expand his empire and is working on his book on surviving and thriving in the industry. Dollaz has recently started a foundation for battered women and children in Memphis called Miracles House Of Restoration.

    Since Season 2, Rich has been a mainstay on Love & Hip Hop. Due to his recent relationship with Moniece Slaughter, Rich joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood for its second season.

  • Miles Brock aka "Siir Brock"Cast Member
    Miles Brock aka "Siir Brock"

    Season 2

    Miles Brock is a rapper/songwriter born and raised in the heart of LA. He is a former member of West Coast R&B sensation, Marz Boiz. Miles has been featured in several films including the The Broom Wedding and This Christmas.

    Outside of his entertainment endeavors, Miles also has degrees in both Math and Sciences and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Miles is currently in pursuit of a medical degree but with a long history of acting and modeling, his passion for music has always been his number one priority. Miles has worked with several artists and producers including Tone Bone, Dope, Ashad and fellow castmates, Max Lux and Amber aka "Fabb Abb".

  • Milan ChristopherCast Member
    Milan Christopher

    Season 2

    Born on the south side of Chicago, Milan moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2008 to pursue his rapping/producing & modeling career. He found his niche in the entertainment industry in the city of Angels rather swiftly, appearing on TV shows like Nip Tuck, The Doctors, and 12 Corozones, as well as commercials for brands like Red Bull, Chase Bank, and Virgin Mobile. Soon after Milan starting doing doing music videos with Kanye West, The Game, Lil Wayne, & Neyo.

    It wasn't until Milan worked with Beyoncé that he realized he wanted to focus on his solo rap career and concentrate on his own brand. Milan released his EDM rap single "Burning Up" which earned him the spot of the number 1 indie artist in the country 6 weeks in a row on Digital Radio tracker.

    Still writing and producing music for himself and working with other artists, Milan has also expanded his brand to modeling, a teeth whitening facility, and he is starting his own underwear line.

  • Amber Hunter aka "Fabb Abb"Cast Member
    Amber Hunter aka "Fabb Abb"

    Season 2

    Amber Laura aka "Fabb Abb" is a singer, rapper and songwriter. She is a former member of the two-girl group, LisaRio. After departing from her group, Amber went on to pursue a career in modeling. However, Amber couldn't deny her passion for music.

    This Los Angeles native dove head first into the rap game as a solo artist. Amber worked on her first EP since going solo, which dropped in Fall 2015.

  • Yung BergCast Member
    Yung Berg

    Season 1

    Berg grew up in a wealthy Chicago family before running away to New York at fifteen and landing a record deal with mega-star rapper DMX's Bloodline imprint on Warner Bros. Records. His first album, 'Look What You Made Me', was released Summer of 2008, and was soon followed by a chart-topping collaboration with castmate Ray J on the quadruple platinum single "Sexy Can I".

    After a successful career as an artist, Berg has established himself as a "Hitmaka" behind the scenes, writing and producing for Fifth Harmony, Meek Mills, TLC, and Leighton Meester. Other artists who have sought out his unique skill set include French Montana, Sean Kingston, and Jim Jones.

    Along the way, he has produced or written for a slew of popular records, including the Grammy-nominated "John" for Lil Wayne ft. Rick Ross, "Snap-Backs & Tattoos" for Driicky, and the Grammy-nominated "The One" for Tamar Braxton. Berg was also featured on DJ Infamous' "Double Cup" with Fat Jeezy, Ludacris, Juicy J, and The Game. He was recently brought on to help on Diddy's latest project, and is also working with Nicki Minaj on her 'Pink Print' album.

  • Morgan HardmanCast Member
    Morgan Hardman

    Season 1

    Morgan Hardman is the well-known and respected celebrity concierge to a number of prominent celebrities and professional athletes. Morgan has also worked as assistant director and second to the AD on videos for artists such as Chris Brown, P. Diddy, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Keisha Cole, Fat Joe and many more.

    However, since 2006, Morgan's number one client and confidant has been Ray J. While Morgan is passionate about her busy career in the entertainment industry, her main focus and the love of her life is her 11 year old son, LaCorey.

  • Amanda SecorCast Member
    Amanda Secor

    Season 1

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Amanda is currently studying at the prestigious Fashion Institute Of Design and Merchandising, majoring in Product Development. She is the owner/designer of urban streetwear line, 18K.

    During Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1, Amanda was dating rapper, Fizz, formerly of the group B2K.