• TrinaCast Member

    Katrina "Trina" Taylor, known to the music world as "Da Baddest Chick", has been referred to by XXL Magazine as "the most consistent female rapper of all time."

    Trina's introduction to the music scene came in 1998 when she was featured with Trick Daddy on the anthem "Nann". Her career skyrocketed with albums such as Da Baddest Bitch (2000), Diamond Princess (2002), Glamorest Life (2005), and Still Da Baddest (2008).

    Though she's a real boss in the music game, Trina struggles with balancing the demands of a busy entertainment career and becoming entwined in the drama her rap-upstart cousin Bobby Lytes brings her way, while also getting in the middle of her cousin Joy's divorce sage with Trina's frequent collaborator, Trick Daddy.

  • Trick DaddyCast Member
    Trick Daddy

    A string of gold and platinum records adorn the career of this Miami rap icon who has always remained true to the streets of his hometown. After debuting on Uncle Luke's, "Scarred" in 1996, Trick Daddy (aka Maurice Young) broke out of the south with his unlikely hit, "Nann", featuring Trina. Mainstream super-stardom followed in 2001 with the hit record, "I'm A Thug". Trick is now teamed up with fellow cast member, Trina, for a collaboration album slated for a 2017 release on their old label, Slip-n-Slide.

    Estranged from his wife, Joy, for the last four and a half years, the couple has been mired in a prolonged separation saga, full of allegations from both sides. Trick and Joy must decide if a divorce is finally in their future.

  • Amara La NegraCast Member
    Amara La Negra

    Amara "La Negra" is a multi-talented Latina force of nature. Of Dominican descent and Miami-raised, Amara started appearing on television as a child on Univision's Sábado Gigante.

    Amara has collaborated with musicians Trina, Kent Jones, Sean Paul, and Mr. Vegas on various songs and has gained a large following throughout Latin America. However, when Amara mounts a crossover to the American mainstream market, it's her look and image, as well as rivalries with her one-time friends, which may be a bigger obstacle than her talent.

  • GunplayCast Member

    Known for his controversial tattoos, loose-cannon antics, and explosive lyrics, Gunplay doesn't just portray a lifestyle, he lives it.

    Born Richard Morales, Jr. in El Paso, Texas to parents of Jamaican and Puerto Rican descent, Gunplay grew up in Carol City, Florida. His career in the music industry began as a member of the Miami based hip-hop group, Triple C's, which was founded by Rick Ross in 2005. Gunplay went solo and signed to Ross' Maybach Music Group imprint in 2009. In 2012, Gunplay faced a potential life sentence for armed robbery and aggravated assault, but all charges were later dismissed.

    After a stint in Atlanta with his girlfriend, Keyara, Gunplay returns to Miami, and must try to outrun or overcome the demons of addiction and violence in a city which provides easy access to all sorts of vices and danger.

  • Veronica VegaCast Member
    Veronica Vega

    Born and raised in Miami, the product of a Cuban father and Venezuelan mother, Veronica, affectionately known as "Vega", is a first generation songstress with pure heart and determination.

    Proud of her Latin roots, Veronica Vega is a singer, dancer, and all-around performer who has her eyes on the prize and isn't letting up until her dreams become a reality. Signed to superstar producer, Polow da Don's Zone 4 label, Vega's in-your-face style makes her a lightning rod for controversy, and her friendship with Amara La Negra is tested to the max when the two ladies' relationship turns sour.

  • Christopher "Prince" Michael HartyCast Member
    Christopher "Prince" Michael Harty

    Prince is the proclaimed "Prince Of South Beach" nightlife. Growing up in Miami, it was a chance encounter with the lifestyle promotions company, Varsity LG, that awarded Prince his entree into South Beach's exclusive world of celebrity, sex, and money. Prince has carved out a niche as the go-to guy to make the glitterati class' fantasies come true and looks to establish himself as the king of the Miami Beach nightlife scene.

    With his penchant for being in company of beautiful ladies, Prince and his long-time girlfriend, Liz Cifuentes, constantly battle over his late nights and professional party boy lifestyle. Of course, it doesn't help that one of Prince's chief rivals on the party scene, DJ Michelle Pooch, is also besties with Liz.

  • Shay JohnsonCast Member
    Shay Johnson

    Most of America got to know Shay Johnson as "Buckeey" from the second season of VH1's popular hit show, Flavor Of Love (Season 2), which debuted with over 3.9 million viewers in its first episode. By the season finale Flavor Of Love had 7.5 million viewers and became the most viewed show in the channel's history. This reality TV vixen has also appeared on VH1's Charm School and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

    With a fantastic new body courtesy of her fitness regimen, Shay has brought herself to South Beach in the hopes of furthering her relationship with her boyfriend of two years, Pleasure P. However, when another woman enters P's life, best believe Shay will fight for what she believes is hers.

  • Bobby LytesCast Member
    Bobby Lytes

    Hailing from a rough area in the Miami suburb of Homestead, flamboyant, brash, and colorful are terms which can easily be used to describe Bobby Lytes. This 26 year old aspiring rapper is the cousin of superstar rapper Trina.

    Full of ambition and always outspoken, Bobby clashes with Trina's entourage and chafes at his notion that his famous cousin isn't giving him the support he feels he deserves. Bobby is bubbling on the Miami music scene based on his own hustle and determination, and he recently dropped hot bars on radio personality Supa Cindy's "We Coming" LGBT cypher.

    Bobby's personal life is turned upside down when his boyfriend of a year and a half, Jeffrey, becomes involved with another man.

  • Jojo ZarurCast Member
    Jojo Zarur

    Jojo Zarur is an entrepreneur and celebrity stylist with an enviable list of high-profile clients.

    After graduating from the University Of Alabama, Jojo's fashion career took off after she was approached by Young Thug's manager at the store she was working at to personally style the superstar rapper. Soon, she became the stylist for big names like Birdman, Rich Homie Quan, and London on Da Track.

    Born in Mexico City, Jojo comes from a prominent family with a father, Antonio Zarur, whose wealth and business interests are both vast. Jojo recently opened the first of what she hopes to grow into a chain of retail fashion stores, but the stakes in her parents' nasty divorce threaten to tear her whole family apart and may cause Jojo to lose the financial backing of her father.

  • Pleasure PCast Member
    Pleasure P

    Hailing from Carver Gardens, Florida, Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper went from a talent show contestant, to the top of the charts. He is known both as front-man for R&B heartthrob group Pretty Ricky, as well as a being a Grammy-nominated solo artist.

    In 2006, Pretty Ricky released their platinum-selling debut LP featuring Grind With Me and the uptempo single "Your Body". Financial disagreements with management and a controversial breakup followed, which lead Marcus to pursue a solo career. In 2008, Pleasure P released the piano-laden hit "Boyfriend #2", as well as his solo debut, The Introduction Of Marcus Cooper, which racked up three Grammy nominations in 2010.

    The group, Pretty Ricky, has reunited, but conflicts between the group and Pleausre P's girlfriend, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Shay Johnson, threaten to tear the group apart all over again.

  • Pretty RickyCast Member
    Pretty Ricky

    Pretty Ricky is an American R&B/hip hop group from Miami, Florida. Pretty Ricky originally consisted of two brothers: Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith and "Spectacular" Blue Smith, along with cousin Corey "Slick Em" Mathis and family-friend Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper. Pleasure P is the group's only singer while the rest of them take roles as rappers.

    Pretty Ricky had great success with albums such as Late Night Special and Bluestars. After Pleasure P's rocky departure, the R&B boy band that ruled the charts in 2005 with hits like "Grind With Me" and "Your Body", is reuniting for a final time. However, Pleasure P's over-protective girlfriend Shay Johnson has her doubts about this group getting back together.

  • Miami TipCast Member
    Miami Tip

    New York native, "Tip Drill" (aka Miami Tip), ventured into the world of dancing on Miami's South Beach Strip, attracting fans from all over the world with her dramatic pole routines. She quickly rose to be one of the most influential and talked about dancers in the entire nation, especially after a newsworthy accident in February 2012 when she fell 30 feet from a strip pole. Shortly after the traumatic fall, she turned to music.

    Miami Tip quickly went from cameos in music videos with industry favorites like Plies and Nicki Minaj to writing records with French Montana, Trina, and Gunplay. One could say that Miami Tip has her fans by the eyes and the ears, which makes it easy to understand why Gunplay has always been taken with her.

    When Gunplay returns to Miami to get to work, Miami Tip gives him far more than he bargained for, leading to a messy mix up with his girlfriend, Keyara.

  • Young HollywoodCast Member
    Young Hollywood

    Elijah "Young Hollywood" Sarraga is an urban Latin producer from Miami. He began his career working with artists such as Migos, Pitbull, as well as Puerto Rican star, Zion Of Zion y Lennox.

    Young Hollywood is considered one of the pioneers of the emerging Latin trap movement and as a result many performers are now drawn to collaborations with this 2017 BMI Award winner.

    Young Hollywood's very upfront and tell-it-like-is manner may rub some people the wrong way, but this innovative producer is on the right track for major success.

  • Michelle PoochCast Member
    Michelle Pooch

    DJ Michelle Pooch is a young, talented, and beautiful disc jockey who is one half of PXS Music. Born and raised in Miami, Michelle a fixture in the city's club and social scenes - spinning for Miami's infamous Ultra Music Fest, and other notable events.

    Well-versed in the temptations of this sultry city, Michelle knows very well that monogamy and Miami do not mix. This wisdom allows her to be the perfect person to help her girlfriends, Shay Johnson and Liz Cifuentes, navigate their topsy-turvy love lives. Michelle also becomes embroiled in an intense rivalry with Liz's boyfriend, and South Beach "Lifestyle Ambassador", Prince.

  • Keyara StoneCast Member
    Keyara Stone

    Keyara, is a popular social media model and the girlfriend of rap bad boy, Gunplay. This Chicago native overcame some rocky teenage years to enroll in college and eventually find work in the automotive industry. However, she was caught in the middle of a gunfight and was shot three times in her chest, ankle, and arm. For the next six months, Keyara was immobilized, not being able walk or eat on her own due to her injuries.

    Diagnosed with PTSD, Keyara sought a fresh start and moved to Miami, Florida. Gunplay slid into her DMs and the two connected, forming a very close relationship. Gunplay credits Keyara with helping him overcome his own violent and drug addicted past. However, when the pair moves back to Miami after some time in Atlanta, the vicious pull of addiction and the city's violence may threaten to bring their good thing to an end.

  • Joy YoungCast Member
    Joy Young

    The estranged ex-wife of super-star rapper, Trick Daddy, has spent the last four and a half years unsuccessfully seeking to finalize their divorce. A Miami native, hair stylist, and entrepreneur, Joy is also the cousin of Trick's frequent collaborator, Trina.

    Joy met Trick while Trina was dating Trick's late brother, Hollywood. Trina and Joy are now very close and Trina supports Joy's efforts to move on from Trick and date freely.

  • Jeffrey "JT" WhiteCast Member
    Jeffrey "JT" White

    Jeffrey "JT" White is the openly gay son of Miami gangsta rap icon, JT Money. Born in Dade County, and raised in Atlanta, Jeffrey dropped out of Morehouse College to pursue his dream of being a men's swimwear designer.

    Jeffrey notes the irony in his father's Straight Outta Compton persona, in comparison to his Devil Wears Prada lifestyle. Jeffrey has been dating his out boyfriend Bobby Lytes for a year and a half, but when his closeted ex-boyfriend Malik comes back into his life, it makes for a highly volatile and torrid love triangle.

  • Malik WiliamsCast Member
    Malik Wiliams

    Nightlife and branding maven, Malik spends his days and nights hosting Miami's hottest events and parties, as well as promoting cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle brands.

    While the world knows him for the top athletes and celebrities he hobnobs with, very few know of Malik's closeted gay lifestyle. However, when he encounters his ex, Jeffrey, Malik may decide to choose love over what he feels is his need to maintain a heterosexual facade for business purposes.

  • Steph LecorCast Member
    Steph Lecor

    Steph Lecor is a multi-dimensional artist signed to DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group.

    Born in Miami, Florida, and of Haitian descent, Steph was a member of the EDM-pop trio, Kulture Shock. In their day, Kulture Shock had an impressive run, opening for acts such as Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande.

    Steph likes to stand by her word and considers herself loyal to a fault. However, when her loyalty is tested and questioned, Steph has no problem letting anyone know exactly where she stands.

  • Liz CifuentesCast Member
    Liz Cifuentes

    Liz Cifuentes is a 22 year old who was born and raised in Miami in a tightknit Hispanic household with her parents, grandparents, and two sisters.

    A bartender at some of the hottest clubs in the city, Liz is in a three and a half year relationship with Prince. However, the pair often bump heads over Prince's "extracurricular" activities and Liz's friendship with Prince's chief rival, DJ Michelle Pooch.

  • Gabrielle DavisCast Member
    Gabrielle Davis

    Jamaica's own, Gabrielle "Gabby" Davis is making her mark on the international modeling scene. Discovered while competing in the Pulse Model search competition in Jamaica, she was signed to the prestigious agency and soon booked her first major editorial spread for The British Daily Express. Gabby has walked the runway during Caribbean Fashion Week as well as major shows and photoshoots in Miami and LA with top designers and photographers.

    Gabby searches for modeling opportunities and the possibility of rekindling a flame with her old beau, Pleasure P. However, she may find herself with some unexpected and very formidable competition from Pleasure P's current lover when she attempts to make her mark on Miami.

  • Bryant McKinnieCast Member
    Bryant McKinnie

    Bryant McKinnie is a 2012 Super Bowl Champion who is a solid fixture in both the sports and music industries. McKinnie is most recognized for his unrivaled contributions to the University Of Miami Hurricanes, NFL Minnesota Vikings, and NFL Baltimore Ravens football teams. He went on to finish up his NFL career in Florida playing for the Miami Dolphins.

    Today, Bryant McKinnie owns a record label, BMajor Music Group, and has a big presence on the Miami philanthropic and social scenes. There is not a lot that goes on in the city without "B-Mac" knowing the 411.

  • Taylor "Kitty" HingCast Member
    Taylor "Kitty" Hing

    Taylor Hing is a 22 year old model, entrepreneur, aspiring recording artist, and actress with over one million social media followers. Kitty made a name for herself modeling and by being featured in music videos for top tier artists including Fabolous, Ludacris, T.I., Young Dolph, PNB Rock, Verse Simmons, and more.

    In addition to being a video vixen, this beauty of Guyanese, Chinese, and Afro-Portuguese descent has landed on the covers of a number of magazines such as Smooth, Shygirl, Dynasty, and Model Modele.

    Always ambitious, Kitty enlists a rap veteran to help her launch her music career. At the same time, Kitty finds both herself and her mom in some serious beef with Shay Johnson over their association with an old friend of hers.

  • Nikol "Nicky" HingCast Member
    Nikol "Nicky" Hing

    Entrepreneur, mother, manager, and certified Brooklyn hustler, Nikhol "Nicky" Hing was born to a Chinese father and Afro-Portuguese mother in Guyana.

    Nicky operates the South Beach gentleman's club, V-Live, while also managing her model daughter Taylor "Kitty" Hing. Both street and business smart, Nicky is fiercely protective of her daughter and will turn over a table just as quickly as she turns heads.