• TrinaCast Member

    Trina isn't showing any signs of slowing down 20 years into the game. The Diamond Princess has been hard at work building her empire as an artist and a label head at Rockstarr Music. Her once impenetrable private life is on full display on her upcoming album, as well as publicly, with her budding relationship with Ray heating up as they venture into cohabitation. The ever-talented multi-preneur eloquently juggles both flourishing professional and personal relationships while navigating the catty business of show business and maintaining as the queen perched high on her throne. Trina is not one to back down from a challenge. Whether it's Trick acting up or Bobby acting out, she's ready to take it all on while barely needing to adjust her crown. Trina shares her forward-thinking views on girl code, love and all things music this season on Love & Hip Hop Miami.

  • Trick DaddyCast Member
    Trick Daddy

    Trick Daddy Dollars approaches life with his own flavor, but depending on who you ask, it might be an acquired taste. Always spicy yet classic and palatable, Trick can be found everywhere in Miami from the main stage to radio airwaves, local hot spots to restaurants. Trick is always on the scene being seen, flirting it up with the ladies and brandishing his mayoral charm; however, his estranged wife Joy is less than flattered by his antics and is still in pursuit of a divorce. Trick ain't got time for that or Trina, truth be told. Their TNT project has yet to ignite because Trick can't tolerate Trina's diva ways. He's moving on and keeping it real, the only way he knows how. He makes sure to maintain hold of his title as Mayor of Miami by keeping an eye out for young up-and-coming talent, grooming, grooving and grandfathering in the new wave while cranking out his classic sound.

  • Amara La NegraCast Member
    Amara La Negra

    In a little under a year, Amara La Negra has taken the world by storm. She's become the embodiment of the woman of today who was created with a hint of the past and a twist of the future. Her meteoric rise to stardom has blown through the city of Miami like a hurricane, sweeping everyone up in its path. From landing a spot on Rolling Stone's "10 to Watch" to performing at Roc Nation's Made in America festival, Amara is on fire. This season, she learns reaching the next level in this game ultimately comes with a price, and she can't escape fame's debt. The toll: her personal relationships, friends turning foes, nil love life and time away from her mother, which proves to have dire consequences.

  • GunplayCast Member

    Richard Morales, a.k.a. Gunplay, transitioned from the streets of Miami to the music industry, and he's been in the game long enough for his dreams to become a reality. Living in Miami isn't always easy for Gunplay due to his past lifestyle; however, with his career as priority number one, he's ready to focus on getting to the next level. Gunplay admits his long-term battle with drugs and alcohol has negatively impacted his career, family, friends and relationships. He's continuously working on maintaining his sobriety and leveling up in the game. Gunplay's ready to face all of life's tests, from love to hip hop. With the successful release of his new 2018 album "ACTIVE," Gunplay's already proving he's ready to mash the gas and crank it into fourth gear.

  • Veronica VegaCast Member
    Veronica Vega

    Veronica Vega is out to prove she is more than a word. Not one to shy away from controversy, Vega owns who she is and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. Proud of her Latin roots, this singer, writer, dancer and all-around performer has her eyes on the prize and isn't letting up. Her crass and unfiltered approach to music and life keeps everyone on their toes and wondering what she'll do next, especially standing adversaries Amara La Negra and "millonairess" Jojo Zarur. Never without a statement piece, Vega always manages to turn heads when she enters a room. This year, Vega is working tirelessly to live up to the expectations set out before her while clearing the air over past misconceptions. Vega is driven by her desire to please her super producer Polow da Don, who has risked it all for Vega to make it; however, her ultimate begetter is her family, and she's stopping at nothing to secure the bag and create a legacy in honor of her late grandfather.

  • Prince Michael HartyCast Member
    Prince Michael Harty

    Prince Michael Harty was born in Miami and never left the Sunshine State. Prince has created a network and name for himself as a top host and promoter for the hottest venues on South Beach, providing VIP service to celebrities, athletes and socialites. Prince's priorities are challenged as he battles rumors threatening the future of his relationship with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Liz. These days, Prince finds himself testing the waters in Miami outside the clubs and inside the studio working on his true calling: music. Things are not always smooth sailing for Prince; this season, he's navigating rough waters regarding personal relationships, buzzworthy friendships and gossip-mongers, but his commitment to following his passion keeps him rooted deep in the white sands of South Beach.

  • Shay JohnsonCast Member
    Shay Johnson

    Shay J is back on the Miami scene and up to her old tricks. This time, she's focused on a healthy, peaceful way of life, but Shay doesn't always follow her own advice. As she follows her journey of self-love, her road is filled with old lovers, new enemies and unexpected challenges. Shay's personal commitment to staying healthy and fit poses a unique problem when she's forced to face her own medical issues, which threaten her self-image and business. Shay leads the pack when it comes to letting people know who she is, where she stands and what she stands for; regardless, whether they want to hear it or not, she's not slowing down to explain herself to anyone.

  • Bobby LytesCast Member
    Bobby Lytes

    An entertainer at heart, Bobby Lytes is never one to shy away from the spotlight. Bobby is working his way toward making headlines, whether it's with his musical performances or political fashion statements. Bobby is ready to create new avenues of opportunity while leaving room for growth by removing anyone that gets in his way. This season, Bobby keeps his family close and friends closer and always makes time to check the temperature with his enemies. Bobby knows exactly what he wants and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals no matter who he has to run over to get there. With new music on the horizon and sponsorship deals coming in, Bobby's time in the spotlight will definitely exceed 15 minutes.

  • Jojo ZarurCast Member
    Jojo Zarur

    Jojo Zarur, celebrity stylist, is rising like a phoenix from the ashes. On the heels of her parents' divorce, Jojo continues to focus on being the boss she is. Guiding her newfound life without her father's financial support has motivated Jojo to prove her abilities to the world and to herself. With a new roster of celebrity clients to appease (ranging from national athletes to some of the biggest names in the music industry), one would think there's no room for fun; however, Jojo makes sure she plays as hard as she works and is even entertaining the idea of romance, which creates quite a rift with her BFF Amara De Negra, who gets caught on the wrong side of frenemy lines.

  • Jessie WooCast Member
    Jessie Woo

    Jessie Woo has won over the hearts of Instagram audiences worldwide with her wit, humor and dynamic personality as the "Haitian Princess." Her appeal isn't limited to her 60-seconds skits on social media -- she's graced several TV outlets, hosting red carpets and playing correspondent, as well as hitting the comedy circuit with her stand-up routines. Notwithstanding, her famous "Seester Talks" are hot tickets from the Big Apple to the shores of the Pacific in Cali. Little known fact: Jessie's passion for show biz came from her passion for singing. Jessie returns to her hometown of Miami to chase the bag and her original dream: music. Her return to Miami isn't as joyous as she'd hoped for, as she deals with the ghosts of her pasts and jealous rivals of the present.

  • KhaoticCast Member

    When it comes to hip hop, everyone's always claiming the throne for themselves. But let's be clear: The music industry is only for the unique, talented, brave and elite, all which describe independent recording artist Khaotic. Rubin McFadden (aka Khaotic) was born and raised in Miami-Dade County with a strong passion for music from birth. Throughout his career, Khaotic has managed to reinvent himself as a force to be reckoned with on the music scene, drawing in fans from all over the world. What makes Khaotic stand out as a rapper is his ever-evolving sound and artistry in the lane he's created for himself, a sound he describes as a fusion ofR&B, pop and hip hop. He keeps the music and energy fresh by working by one rule: He lets the track tell him what's supposed to be on it. Khaotic himself has been humbled after multiple run-ins with the law and surviving being shot 17 times. He's constantly fighting the good fight to keep his life on the up and up. As a newcomer to the cast, Khaotic ventures across the bridge, from the streets of Overtown to the glitz of Miami Beach, to expand his horizons and find his rightful place on the charts.

  • Pleasure PCast Member
    Pleasure P

    When it comes to love, Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper ain't too proud to beg, plead or please. No stranger to collaborating, Pleasure finds himself balancing his ability to maintain his relationships with his old bandmates while creating fresh new sounds on his own. Pleasure wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his family and bandmates, but when it comes to women, he finds himself constantly questioning matters of the heart. As he moves forward with a rising solo career and traverses romances, he hasn't turned his back on the past, which proves to be a prevalent roadmap for his journey this year.

  • SpectacularCast Member

    Spectacular Smith is a businessman -- and a business, man. Spectacular has come a long way from dancing in red underwear with his own business empire Adwizar, his own record label Mula Music Group and a top-selling book "Spectacular Love: How to Make Good Love Last." Living out in Los Angeles, he's creating his own legacy and his own family with a wedding on the horizon, but the city of Miami will always be home, and that's where the heart is. His brothers onstage (and in blood) wait for him in the 305, and it's up to him to get Pretty Ricky back to its former glory by any means necessary. The fans deserve one last album, and Spectacular finds himself going to uncomfortable lengths for his family and for Pretty Ricky's legacy. His scorched relationship with his father and former Pretty Ricky manager Big Blue are the greatest challenges in Spec's quest to regroup both the family and the band.

  • Baby Blue WhoaaaaCast Member
    Baby Blue Whoaaaa

    What color is the hottest part of a flame? Blue... Baby Blue. Rapper, producer and budding A&R Baby Blue Whoaaaa of the supergroup Pretty Ricky has achieved great feats in his career so far. Named as both a chart-topping platinum recording artist and a BMI Award-winning songwriter and producer, Baby Blue has proven himself to an innovator in the industry. However, it can be hard to balance business and family when the family is your business. This season, Baby Blue's on the fast track, and he's not letting anything slow him down. Working with new clients and taking on new projects, Pretty Ricky's starting to fade further into the rear view as burgeoning disagreements with his blood brother Spec and band brother Pleasure heat up.

  • Miami TipCast Member
    Miami Tip

    Miami Tip has always entertained fans by engaging them with scintillating eye candy, but Tip is ready for everyone to hear what else she has to offer. This season, Tip balances life as a single mom with being one of Miami's top exotic dancers, a musical performer and oftentimes, a mediator between her frenemy camps. Never one to shy away from conflict, she maintains her tough-as-nails, tell-it-like-it-is personality with friends new and old. You can always count on Tip to keep her crew in check, whether they want to hear it or not. Her bold and charming charisma helps her as she works hard at getting her music in the mainstream market.

  • Young HollywoodCast Member
    Young Hollywood

    Elijah Alexander Sarraga, known artistically as Young Hollywood, is a world-renowned producer and engineer from Miami. Young Hollywood has successfully worked with numerous international artists because of his versatile musical productions. Most recently, Young Hollywood's biggest movement is revolutionizing trap music and merging it with the Latin market. He stays busy signing artists to Young Hollywood Music Group and merging sounds to create something unique and fresh, and he's teamed up with newcomer Khaotic to create an undeniable "new Miami" sound. Young Hollywood is working on cranking out hits and building up a roster on his label. There is no doubt Young Hollywood has grown as an artist professionally and also personally. Young Hollywood is removing himself from drama and turning over a new leaf.

  • Keyara StoneCast Member
    Keyara Stone

    Keyara Stone may be from Chicago, but she has definitely come into her own in Miami. Keyara won over the world after taking control of her chaotic relationship with Gunplay, and now it's time to put the spotlight on herself. This year, Keyara's focusing on spreading her wings with her accessory company Vain and exploring her independence, but it's not all fun and games. As a survivor of a drive-by shooting in Chicago, she battles PTSD daily. Her realization of the fragility of life has definitely pushed her to focus on the importance of happiness in the now. She isn't so certain Gunplay aligns with her happiness, especially after finding out it still goes down in the DMs.

  • Joy YoungCast Member
    Joy Young

    Joy Young is a Miami native, entrepreneur and the estranged wife of Miami hip-hop legend Trick Daddy Dollars. Joy is the CEO and owner of New Roots Extensions & Apparel. The company focuses on providing the diva experience so that women always enjoy the wonderful world of opportunities to be strong, beautiful and fierce from the inside out. Joy has over 20 years in the entertainment and beauty industry, and her skill is unmatched. Womanhood to Joy means empowerment and confidence in any and all settings at any and all times. She feels confidence comes from within because looking good ultimately leads to feeling good. Joy's confidence shines as she tests the waters of the dating pool and draws a line in the sand when it comes to her relationship with Trick Daddy.

  • Michelle PoochCast Member
    Michelle Pooch

    Heralded as a Queen of Nightlife in Miami, DJ Michelle Pooch has been a fixture on the South Beach scene for years, first as a promoter and host, then as a DJ, and now as a business owner. Pooch recently launched Get Nailed Bar, a sexy, modern nail salon complete with a bar -- and of course, turntables. You can find Pooch supporting her girlfriends and her long-time friend Trick Daddy. Pooch is always one to make a statement with a fierce look or fiery words at all the hottest parties in Miami. Michelle isn't interested in being the Queen of Nightlife in Miami; she just wants to be the queen, period.

  • Liz CifuentesCast Member
    Liz Cifuentes

    Last season, Prince and Liz's relationship fell apart after a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Liz has been keeping busy -- she's hosting at the hottest clubs in South Beach and living her best Miami life. She never lost sight of the prize, and she maintains her desire to get back together with her one true Prince Charming. This time around, Liz and Prince are trying to make it work, but like any couple, they have their fair share of obstacles to overcome. When it comes to friends and family getting involved is a relationship, anything can happen.

  • Taylor "Kitty" HingCast Member
    Taylor "Kitty" Hing

    Taylor Hing, aka Chinese Kitty, was born in Brooklyn, but she's fully embraced the spicy Miami lifestyle. She is a rising star on the music scene with support from local music legends, new and old. With a true passion for acting and music, Taylor's exotic appearance and boss lady persona aligns perfectly with her true passions; acting and music. She entertains her loyal fans with fresh songs and one-of-a-kind performances wherever she goes. Kitty's fierce presence can be felt onstage, and this season, she gets real about her struggles off stage and how they have impacted her career, relationship with her mother and ability to heal deep wounds.

  • Nikol "Nicky" HingCast Member
    Nikol "Nicky" Hing

    Entrepreneur, mother, manager, and certified Brooklyn hustler, Nikhol "Nicky" Hing was born to a Chinese father and Afro-Portuguese mother in Guyana.

    Nicky operates the South Beach gentleman's club, V-Live, while also managing her model daughter Taylor "Kitty" Hing. Both street and business smart, Nicky is fiercely protective of her daughter and will turn over a table just as quickly as she turns heads.

  • Pretty RickyCast Member
    Pretty Ricky

    Pretty Ricky is an American R&B/hip hop group from Miami, Florida. Pretty Ricky originally consisted of two brothers: Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith and "Spectacular" Blue Smith, along with cousin Corey "Slick Em" Mathis and family-friend Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper. Pleasure P is the group's only singer while the rest of them take roles as rappers.

    Pretty Ricky had great success with albums such as Late Night Special and Bluestars. After Pleasure P's rocky departure, the R&B boy band that ruled the charts in 2005 with hits like "Grind With Me" and "Your Body", is reuniting for a final time. However, Pleasure P's over-protective girlfriend Shay Johnson has her doubts about this group getting back together.

  • Jeffrey "JT" WhiteCast Member
    Jeffrey "JT" White

    Jeffrey "JT" White is the openly gay son of Miami gangsta rap icon, JT Money. Born in Dade County, and raised in Atlanta, Jeffrey dropped out of Morehouse College to pursue his dream of being a men's swimwear designer.

    Jeffrey notes the irony in his father's Straight Outta Compton persona, in comparison to his Devil Wears Prada lifestyle. Jeffrey has been dating his out boyfriend Bobby Lytes for a year and a half, but when his closeted ex-boyfriend Malik comes back into his life, it makes for a highly volatile and torrid love triangle.

  • Malik WiliamsCast Member
    Malik Wiliams

    Nightlife and branding maven, Malik spends his days and nights hosting Miami's hottest events and parties, as well as promoting cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle brands.

    While the world knows him for the top athletes and celebrities he hobnobs with, very few know of Malik's closeted gay lifestyle. However, when he encounters his ex, Jeffrey, Malik may decide to choose love over what he feels is his need to maintain a heterosexual facade for business purposes.

  • Steph LecorCast Member
    Steph Lecor

    Steph Lecor is a multi-dimensional artist signed to DJ Khaled's We The Best Music Group.

    Born in Miami, Florida, and of Haitian descent, Steph was a member of the EDM-pop trio, Kulture Shock. In their day, Kulture Shock had an impressive run, opening for acts such as Calvin Harris and Ariana Grande.

    Steph likes to stand by her word and considers herself loyal to a fault. However, when her loyalty is tested and questioned, Steph has no problem letting anyone know exactly where she stands.

  • Gabrielle DavisCast Member
    Gabrielle Davis

    Jamaica's own, Gabrielle "Gabby" Davis is making her mark on the international modeling scene. Discovered while competing in the Pulse Model search competition in Jamaica, she was signed to the prestigious agency and soon booked her first major editorial spread for The British Daily Express. Gabby has walked the runway during Caribbean Fashion Week as well as major shows and photoshoots in Miami and LA with top designers and photographers.

    Gabby searches for modeling opportunities and the possibility of rekindling a flame with her old beau, Pleasure P. However, she may find herself with some unexpected and very formidable competition from Pleasure P's current lover when she attempts to make her mark on Miami.

  • Bryant McKinnieCast Member
    Bryant McKinnie

    Bryant McKinnie is a 2012 Super Bowl Champion who is a solid fixture in both the sports and music industries. McKinnie is most recognized for his unrivaled contributions to the University Of Miami Hurricanes, NFL Minnesota Vikings, and NFL Baltimore Ravens football teams. He went on to finish up his NFL career in Florida playing for the Miami Dolphins.

    Today, Bryant McKinnie owns a record label, BMajor Music Group, and has a big presence on the Miami philanthropic and social scenes. There is not a lot that goes on in the city without "B-Mac" knowing the 411.