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Shaunie's Home Court

Shaunie's Home Court follows the life of Basketball Wives' star Shaunie O'Neal along with her family. It's not all glitz and glamour for Shaunie, who behind the scenes spends her days wrangling her five children -- Myles, Shareef, Mimi, Shaqir and Me'Arah -- with the help of nannies Keyonna and Robert.

Myles (19) is Shaunie's eldest child. As a freshman in college, but still living at home, he's dying to spread his wings to get a taste of freedom. Shareef (16) is the family's gentle giant and basketball phenom. Following in his father's footsteps, he's destined for the NBA. Mimi (14) is Shaunie's eldest daughter and the epitome of a girlie-girl. She's fascinated by makeup and social media and you'll rarely see her without her cell phone attached to her hand.Shaqir (13) is the rambunctious child of the bunch. As the youngest son he's always itching to get attention, good or bad. Shaqir's unpredictable nature always keeps Shaunie on her toes. Me'Arah (10) is the baby of the family. Standing at a tall at 5'7", it can sometimes get confusing for herself and her family that she's just a little girl trying to figure it all out.

It takes a village to raise five rowdy kids, so Shaunie has a two highly lovable, yet extremely inappropriate, nannies to help. Keyonna, who has been a friend of Shaunie's since high school, and Robert, Keyonna's younger uncle, are like extended members of the family. The two have been with the kids since birth and although they mean well, oftentimes they find themselves caught up in the kids' antics as well, leaving Shaunie to feel like she's raising seven kids as opposed to five. Needless to say, Shaunie has her hands full trying to keep everyone on her court in line.