• Season 5, Ep 14

Crow Takes An Etiquette Class

Crow lands a date but he needs to brush up on his table skills before he can wine and dine.

08/01/2016 ยท 2:19


Oh, snap.

Oh, Crowsevelt...Crow, what's up, fool?

So, today, we're gonna give Crowsome etiquette lessons.

We have Miss Elaine here, andhopefully, she can teach Crow

what to do and point out to himwhat not to do.

How are you?Okay.

All right,nice to meet you.

Yes, how are you?

And we just, you know what we,just, uh, we had everybody

just to take their caps off.

Is that okay with you?Take it off.

Oh, I, you know, I'm kinda,uh... afro-ish up there.

You really needto take it off.Everybody know,take it off, man.

I beentellin' you...Come on, take it off.

Take it off before you get tothe table, Crow.

(loud groan)None flying.

(loud groan)

Now, let's get started.

Take your napkinsand place them in your lap.

Now our first course is soup.We have cream of broccoli.

Let me just seewhat you normally do.

How you normally eat soup.

You're gonna sip itfrom the side.

(loud slurping)Uh, wait-wait-wait-wait,wait a minute.

Hold up, man.

You need to putyour bowl down.

And we don't make noises,you know, when we're eating.

We don't smack.(T.I.)No.

Unh-unh.And you wanna be sure that

your conversations at the tableshould be what?

How could you starta conversation?I got a good conversation.

What is that-- You need to putyour soup bowl down.

(Domani)How was your day?

How was your day?That's a good one, Domani.

Yeah, I said it.Okay, I got one.

How is the weather?

Are you enjoyingthe weather today?

That's another good one.

Did you bringan umbrella?

Okay.Okay, if it's cloudy...

Do you have a raincoat?

Well, only if it looks likeit's raining.

Yeah, did you get paid--Did you get paid today?

No, I wouldn't ask her that.

I wouldn't ask her that.Damn.

I tell you what, you old it onthe-- you hold it by the stem.

(Domani)That's too far down.

Oh, you're supposed to smell it,you're supposed-- (sniffing)


You know what?I prefer the red wineover the light wine.

But if you buying,it don't make no difference.

But you wanna hold itby the stem.

Excuse me, excuse me?Yes, yes.

Excuse me?Yes.

Excuse me, can I saysomething?Yes.

By the time that wego through all of this,

I be hungrier than a mug...

You're still not holding yourwine glass correctly.

Okay, show me one more time.Okay.

(T.I.)Okay, so maybe this wasn'tas successful as I'd hoped.

But maybe we made a littleprogress here... a little.

Appreciate it, though,you a good lady.

Come on, man,we got something for you.

Aight, let's go get it.Leave the wine on the table.

No, I gotta drinkthe wine.

(all talking)

(T.I.)Good God Almighty.

(T.I.)Coming up...Whoo!