• Season 5, Ep 18

Tiarra Is Married and Pregnant

Tiarra reveals that she is married and she shares some details about her relationship and pregnancy.

08/08/2016 ยท 2:27

(Nina)While Tommie downplayed Scrapp'sinvolvement with Karlie,

Tiarra didn'ttake the news so lightly.

The person I was, like,talking to or whatever...

was your baby daddy.

Every-- everywhere--

(overlapping shouting)

You a (bleep)-suckerfor sport.

(Karlie)Girl, please!It don't matter!

(Jessica)No, no, no!


Oh, (bleep) bitch.

I thinkthat was, like,

violation of a bro code,almost.

Karlie wasn't my friend.

Scrapp was my baby father.

I deserve that conversationfrom him.

Okay.So, anybody,

whether it was Karlieand Tommie fighting over,

or me and Karlie fighting,or me and Tommie fighting,

the-- whoever fighting overthis man is playing himself.

When he gets out,are you gonna wait for him?

Of course,it ain't even about...You are?

You know, I can't ever say

where life gonna,uh, take me, uh,

you know, what's gonna happen tocross my path, I can't say that.

But he definitely alwaysgonna hold a place in my heart.

Scrapp is in lovewith Tommie.

Is he?I know that.

He's in love with her?Mm-hmm.

She don't even know it.

That's why she alwaysact a damn fool.

Karlie, what about you?Are you visiting Scrapp?

If I can be that friendand come visit you, why not?

Like, it's not gonna kill me.

It's not, like,"Oh, I'm coming to visit you

'cause I'm gonna marry youtomorrow."

Do you haveany plans to go?

He beg-- he's begging,but I won't go.

I'm not gonna disrespectwho I'm seeing now.

New relationship?

Yeah, I've known him--

Totally different,totally, uh, yeah.

Now, is the newrelationship serious

or is it-- are youjust dating or...

No, no, we, uh, like,I've been dating him.

I just-- we justkeeping it secret.

So, we got married,like, two weeks ago.

You're married?!


So, when the season ended,

we saw you takea pregnancy test.

Does that mean you're also,new man, new relationship...

New baby, new man.So you're pregnant?

Yeah.You seem like you'rein a really good place.

So, Karlie, do youthink that the two of you

may be able to reconcile

and have some typeof friendship?


Me and Karlie,we had a conversation.

And then, regardless, like,even if I felt, like,

I'm in such a happy space,

as long as Karliedon't try my husband...


Like, don't comefor my husband.

Did you notsee me say?

I don't (bleep)with married men.

Okay, okay.

It looks likewe don't need security.

We were sweatin'for no reason!


Congratulations, Miss Tiarra.

I hope that your husbandcan now keep you

from being nakedon your Instagram.

Six kids, six daddies.

Hey, it's timefor marriage.