• Season 3, Ep 7 · Bonus

Nia and Princess Catch Up

Princess and Nia meet up for brunch to discuss Princess' wedding planning and Nia's potential business venture.

09/26/2016 · 2:31


Hey, boo!


You look so pretty.You do too.

You're, like, glowing.Thank you.


A good glow.I've been good.

You're an engagedwoman now.Yeah.

So, have you startedplanning yet?

Um... we just,like, figured out

what datewe're gonna do.

We're still,like, looking

for, like, the weddingplanner, but...

Thank you.

I need Ray to come backto reality...Mm-hmm.

...and be focusedon me and our wedding.

Yeah, that's probablynot gonna happen.Like, I need a partner.

(chuckles)Don't say that.


But he's a guy.He's the guy.

He doesn't wantto do anything.

Not that he doesn't care,I don't think,

but it's just, like,guys just want to show up.

You're gonna have to gethis socks together,

his drawers,the tux.

Honestly, the only thingI can think of

that he should bea part of is...

what flavorthe cake should be.

That is suchhorrible advice.

I'm so sorry.

I've been inScoot-E-Bike world for--

Well, how's thatgoing for you? Good?

I mean, yeah,it's going good,

but it's like I--

like, I've kind of,like, taken a backseat

to what he's doing.Yeah.

You know what I mean?

I'm just likeScoot-E-Bike,

Scoot-E-Bike,Scoot-E-Bike everything.

I'm, like, waking up--"Scoot-E-Bike."

Like, he's talkingon the phone.

Talk about Scoot-E-Bike.Scoot-E-Bike.

When are we gonna goon a Princess Love

couture touror something?

You knowwhat I mean?Yeah.

When are we gonnado something

that I got to do?

Like, I should be,like,

putting out stuffright now.

You know? My websiteshould be up and running.

I should be doingphoto shoots

instead of doing,like,

photo shootsfor his billboards.

'Cause you stillwant to do something,

have your own--something to do.

Especially beforeyou have kids.It's fun, you know?

You really loveto do that,

so I get it.

I used to sew,so I know.

Really?Yeah, girl.

Both my grandparentstold me--

my grandmotherstaught me how to sew.

I started just makingpillows by hand

with my little needles.

We should collaborateand do something.

We should tryand do something together.Yeah.

'Cause I'm stillinterested.

It's just I feellike everybody

goes and buys (bleep)wholesale--

You just got to, like,make it your own, though.Yeah.

Like, why don't you doa little girls line?

I was thinkingabout that,

but more like matching"Mommy and Me" stuff.

Yeah.That's whatI want to do.

Well, I know a good factorythat I can take you to.

Is it here?Mm-hmm.

Really?It's in downtown L.A.

You have to take me.Yeah.

They'll help youdesign everything

if you don't know.

I definitelywant to do

the "Mommy and Me"clothing line, though.

I think you might beon to something.