• Season 3, Ep 2 · Bonus

Fizz Confronts Moniece About The Beef With Brandi

Before heading out to a date, Fizz gives Moniece the opportunity to explain her side of what happened at the Mommies & Mimosas Brunch.

08/22/2016 · 3:04


Hello.What up?

That look good.Thank you.

I cooked a piece of chicken,I'm pretty domestic.

Just in caseyou didn't know.

Are you eating dinnerwith Cammy and I?

You want a plate?

Actually, I'm about to goon a dinner date.

With your same?

Don't worry about all that.

Miss Nikki baby.

Jesus Christ.

You know,I saw a black hair--

All in my-- all in my--

You know, I saw a black hairin that bathroom.

A black hair that waslonger than mine.

You been sneaking them hoesin the house?

I don't know whereyou got that from?

I appreciate you welcoming mein here with open arms.

Do you?

Making dinner, doing all ofthat, but you know...

It just comes, like,

a point where we drawthe line and that's it.

You feel me?

That's where we meet.I tell my friends everything.

I thought we were friends.So, it's like--

It's, like, yeah, but you alsotelling my friends, people...

I'm-- I'm in the studioone day with Max,

and Brandi walked in,

and you're kind of making thework environment for me and Max

very uncomfortable and awkwardwith these...

this beef you and Brandigot going on.

It's just kinda ridiculous.

The bitch had no rightto speak to me at all, ever,

about my situation with you

because all she knowsis one side.

When she shut her(bleep) mouth,

I said, "You do not know me.

"You do not know my struggle.

"You do not know anything aboutwhat I've been through,

"but you judged my solution,

"and that, my friend, is whereyou (bleep) up royally.

"Get back on your(bleep) rope.

"Swing back towhatever little

"nasty-ass jungle it isthat you came from.

"Raise your little ugly (bleep)family, including the baby,

"the baby's (bleep) ugly,bitch,

and stay the (bleep) outof my business."

That's what I said,so you have full clarity.

I feel like you'retoo worried about

what people think about you.

Like, at the end of the day,

you're speaking on stuffthat's really irrelevant.

Not really, because it's notirrelevant.

It is, because right now, like,you're-- you're a great mom.

All I'm saying is that,

let that be what's the light youspread on people.

Well, you know, as muchas I would love forthat to be the light,

the only light that was shed onme was all the crazy things

that you said about me,so you opened this floodgate.

In retrospect, you know, I waslooking at Cam the other day

and, um, you know,I could just--

I love him so much.

Like, I see myself in him,I see you in him.

At the end of the day,I gotta thank Moniece,

'cause I wouldn't havethe best thing

or the thing that meansthe most in the world to me.

That's why I was here to findout the information,

not for, you know,all the rest.

So, have a great night.

Of course, you just want tosay what you want to say.

Have a great night.Enjoy y'all dinner.

I'm gonna get to this dateand I'll be back later.