• Season 5, Ep 14 · Bonus

Yung Joc Teaches Momma Dee Some Dance Moves

While in the studio, Momma Dee learns some dance moves from Yung Joc.

07/11/2016 · 3:01

♪ In that order,in that order ♪

♪ In that order,in that order ♪

♪ In that order,in that order ♪

♪ In that order ♪

All right, hey.

(Momma Dee)Okay.Come inside.

Hey.So what's up, cous?

Did you hear that?Did I hear it?

I was trying to get in,do my part.

I heard it, saw it.Yes.

Cam, do me a favor.

Just... for two seconds,

let me holler at cousand see where her heart at.

Dismiss yourself,shawty.

See whereyour heart at.

Okay, let's do this.

But are you comfortable--You could do the last--

It's old school, boo,we'll fit in where we get in.

So right now, if I said--

I want to see all of thatyou were doing right now...

So you gonna be with it?You gonna do it?Mm-hmm.

Teach me about the, um,Cabbage Patch.

The Cabbage Patch part.

That's the part you'retrying to figure out?

Yeah, that one and...Come on.

You definitely knowthe Cabbage Patch.

You know, the Cabbage Patch.Mmm... mmm, mmm...

Look at that.But don't make that--

Don't make that face,though.

Oh, okay.Don't do that, okay.

Yeah, just kinda--You gotta--

I got a King Cobra look.

Yeah, see,you know what, though?

On certain things...

Suck a man dry.Ptuh!

Spit on thatGod damn (bleep).

But that don't got nothingto do with the song.

It might not, though.I'm just saying.

That don't got nothingto do with the song.

But on certain parts,

I want you to getin the habit of smiling.

Okay.And make it look easy,

'cause when you look hard...

like you concentratingon doing the dance.

Yeah.And then when you smile,

it makes it seem like,"I got this (bleep)."Yeah.

See how you smilingright now?Yes, God.

That's the cutest smileI done seen all day.

Thank you, cous.I'ma tell youthe one part that--

that I know people,

you know what I'm saying,your age, are gonna get.Mm-hmm.

When I say Tucker,we know that ain'tnothing but a snake.

Right.You know, Tucker--

I tell you, I can do it.Just... okay, go-- watch this.

Let me see it.


Hey, ahh.

Come on, hold on.Oh, (bleep).

Getting lowon the flow.


You went for it.Yes!

You had to sign a littlenote on the end, though?

I had to, honey, to bring meinto the gates, honey.

My only question is, I mean,'cause I just did it.


And we renamed movesand everything, but some--

some moves we didn't rename,like the Shabba.

Oh, Shabba, Shabba.

Shabba Ranks,you cool with that?

Yes, cous, I got it.

You gotta put a littlemore hip into that thing.

Oh... hey...

You actually look likeyou ready to do that.

Hey...Okay, okay.

Yes, God.